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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Picture Update: 12-22-13

Woche 45- Fröhliche Weihnachten (almost)

Liebe Familie-
Wow time is super short today. I will hopefully get more time next week- plus we will be skyping on christmas anyways! But basically the reason we have no time today....
We visited Liechtenstein today. And some sweet Alps. So... yeah. That was a little time consuming.
But this week we did an Austausch with Bad Säckingen and with Offenburg (one on Monday, one on Thursday) and in between we spent two days in Freiburg for a Zone meeting and Zone Christmas party. So I wasnt actually in Singen very much this week. and right now we are in Ravensburg to do another exchange! Busy life. But Im loving it and we are seeing miracles!
Our investigators are still progressing great- Patrick is unfortunately leaving for 4 weeks, but we moved his date until after he comes home. then he can be baptised! And we visited the family again from Russia- they are super golden! She has been experiencing terrible back pains, which kept her from coming to church on sunday- but we are going back this week!
Missionary work ROCKS!
I love you all. Merry Christmas!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

Woche 44- Trains, Switzerland, and other exciting news!

Grüß euch!!!
Wow, I have NO TIME!
We have to cut emails short today, because we are visiting some members, and doing an exchange with the distrikt leaders in Bad Säckingen! So I will have to keep it short...
High Moments of the week!
Tuesday- we went to ZÜRICH SWITZERLAND to meet with the stake president. Wow, that was a dream come true. The meeting went fantastic, and we set some great goals for next year.
Zürich- ridiculous. We walked down the 2nd most expensive street in the world! (the most expensive is in Tokyo) and it was unreal. It was like walking in a fairytale- the streets are so clean and everything is sparkling. its seriously unreal!
Wednesday we actually stayed in Singen, and had a sweet district meeting. our district is so cool! And we found the MOST GOLDEN LADY EVER! more on that to come later.
Thursday and Friday- we went to Munich for a Leadership conference! a really long train ride- but it was such an uplifting experience!
Saturday, we went to Ravensburg to do an interview- but it was chaos, and the man didnt show up, and so elder chapman left with another elder to visit him, and i got sucked into the ravensburg branch nativity pageant. I was a wise man :) We missed our train, had to cancel our appts. and got home REALLY late, and crashed into bed.
Sunday after church- we went to visit a woman named Friede- she is the most golden lady i have ever met. We met her when we brought her son a Book of Mormon, and she asked us to bring her one too. when we got there, she had already read her sons (a little bit) and was so excited to hear about the church, and come next sunday with her husband. Long story short, the lord blesses us with miracles, even when we dont have to time to actually spend in our area!
Miracles! Christmas time! Happiness! Its really magical here.
Well, I love you all.
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew