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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Woche 60- Home sweet home...

Liebe Familie!
Oh how good it is to be home again! and when i say home i mean Singen- my home :)
This week was CRAZY! Unfortunately- we didnt really get to work with any of our investigators until sunday because we were so all over the place. But ill get to that.
But before i do that:
Thank you so much to all those who wished me a happy birthday! im 20!! AHH!
Here was my week:
Monday- i bought a suit. a european suit. Its shiny blue and very slim cut.... i guess you could say its was a birthday present for me... its my birthday suit :) hehehe ok bad joke. 
tuesday and wednesday i went up into the black forest to do an exchange with Elder Horlacher (my companion from St. Pölten) for the last time! He goes home this week! I cant believe so much time has past and its already time for him to go. It was really great to work with him again before hes done- hes like a hero to me! 
Wednesday night, we had an appointment, but it fell out, so our joint teach was driving us home when he said he needed to stop by the gurneys to pick something up... well. we walk inside... SURPRISE! The gurneys and the sisters threw me a surprise birthday party, and the member and elder garrett were in on it! Those guys are so nice! 
Well... thursday through saturday was the big adventure! We left for Munich thursday morning and got in in the evening for the leadership meeting. that went until friday afternoon, and we rode a bus from Munich to Stuttgart. a bus. 4 hours. not the worst thing ever- but not the best option either haha. We spent the night with the Stuttgart elders, and then we prepped the next day for the big stuttgart finding day! I was gettting butterflies before we started- but we just went right onto the busiest part of stuttgart and with 70 missionaries and about 40 members we are just started reading the book of mormon! then after 15 minutes of silent reading, we all stood up and sang a few hymns and then we just went to town on the streets of stuttgart! we found 71 people all together in 2 hours! 
We werent able to leave stuttgart until 830 though... with a train planning to arrive in singen around 11. Well- there was a soccer game in stuttgart that day- Stuttgart vs. Dortmund- so the trains home were FILLED with drunk angry soccer fans. we had to change trains in Rottweil, and our connection was a tiny, one car train. Well, so many people tried to squish on this train- there was literally no more room on that tiny train- and there were about 30 of us still on platform who couldnt get on. well the train left after they barely shut the doors and we were stuck in Rottweil- with the next train leaving at midnight. well the gurneys saved the day and came and picked us up from Rottweil (its about 45 minutes from singen). Crazy day. Oh yeah, and the whole time we were lugging around HUGE suitcases full of books of mormon because we were bring supplies back for our Zone. PLUS it was fast sunday so we were fasting. PLUS we just did day light savings here so we lost an hour of sleep that night. fun memories haha. 
Athena came to church (the woman from China)- she told us that she things our church is the best and most right church. BUT she doesnt want to be baptised, because a few months ago she had a dream about baptism, and she was baptised in this dream, and she believes that that baptism counts for her. so now were are working on explaining that was a sign, not an actual baptsim. 
All in all, we are excited for this next tranfser, and excited to work in singen again. finally!
I love you all, thanks for everything!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

Woche 59- Finding Week!

Hallo liebe Familie!
What a week! We saw some AMAZING miracles this week! This week was our "Freiburg Zone Finding Week"- and it was a smashing success! Our Zone averages about 95-110 "potential investigators" a week- those are people we meet on the streets, buses, trains who give us information so that we can share the gospel with them- and we set as a Zone, the goal to find 150 this last week. That is a major increase- but we felt that with the right effort and the lords help, we could see this miracle happen. WELL we SMASHED the goal- we already had 150 by friday, and by sunday night we had reached 194- that is a HUGE miracle! 
Our personal week was a little crazy- tuesday was probably the most chaotic morning i lived through in a long time. if i had hours i could tell the whole story- but we'll leave it this way. We were running out the door to catch an early bus- without ties or shoes (or Elder Garretts contacts) so that we could catch an early train- but it turned out that we had the wrong ticket- so elder garrett left to buy the right ticket, and the train took off without him, leaving us stranded in separate cities for an hour. Then the Gurneys called and needed to get into our apartment, and I had BOTH the spare keys on my key ring (dont ask me why im not sure haha) so they had to come find me in a distant city to come fetch the keys. What a mess.
We found some really cool investigators this last week too! We recieved a referal from elders in Schwenningen- the sister of one of their investigators. Well, she lives in one of the prettiest places on planet earth- Ludwigshafen (its a little village right next to the Bodensee- so pretty!) and her house is up on the hill so you could see all the alps too in the background. amazing. Her name is Meli. She is from Peru, but has been living here in germany for 15 years. she is married to a german man- Martin- and her brother in peru is a member. she remembered from her childhood that her brother would give them blessings and do FHE- and she wanted that for her children! So we met with the whole family, and they asked so many questions! She also asked us to give her a blessing- and the end result- they want us to come once a week and do FHE with them- to teach their sons to pray and stuff. SO COOL. Our hope is that the spirit will touch their hearts, because they are still pretty strict Catholics, but they are open to ideas that help the family.
We also taught Athena several times- she is our investigator from China- she is so cool and spiritual! She came to church and loved it.I think we will invite her to baptism this coming week! 
Oh yeah- this week is looking crazy. tomorrow i go to Offenburg to do exchanges with Elder Horlacher (my companion from St. Pölten! His mission is up in 2 weeks so i get to see him right before he goes home! I cant believe so much time has past!) then we go to Munich for two days, then we are in Stuttgart on Saturday for the BIGGEST FINDING DAY EVER. more than 200 people. ill be sure to send you some sweet pictures!

Well... thats pretty much it.
Oh yeah im turning 20 this week. Odd haha. thanks for the birthday wishes.
ALSO- Happy Birthday to my Lovely sister Emily and my brother Malcolm! I love you guys!
The church is true- the mission is sweet!
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!