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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Week 6... Aufwiedersehn!

Guten Morgen!
In case you are surprised that I am emailing home today... so am I!
I figured the next time I'd get to write home would be in Germany, but our Branch President gave us some time this morning while we takle some last minute laundry.
First off, thanks so much for all the packages/letters/etc I have recieved here at the MTC- it seriously is so fun to get stuff during mail time, and I know I'm probably going to miss that once I get to Germany and things can take weeks to get there!
Final reports on the MTC... I ended at a solid 193.7 lbs, which means my total net gain was only 2 lbs... not too shabby?? Unfortunately for Elder Vitel, American food is a lot more fatty than he expected, and he can no longer fit into his favorite skinny jeans- it was probably one of the funniest moments of my life! But thank goodness I can look forward to REAL food on the other end of the trip... and missionary work. Thats cool too.
Nothing incredibly out of the ordinary to report! We've been slowly packing up our belongings over the course of the past few days...   Elder Pugh, for some unknown reason, packed fully a week ago "just to be safe" so now anytime we have to pack he just sits around and watches us! Its a little bit sad to think of leaving the MTC, leaving my district, leaving America, leaving the sound of the BYU Bell Tower, leaving my HOME, but if there is one thing my testimony has been reassured of over the past few weeks- it is that there is a far greater work for me to accomplish across the sea then I could ever do here in Provo.
We listened to a talk by elder Holland last night, and he said something very powerful that hit me pretty hard. He said- "don't you EVER. NOT EVER. say, or imagine in yourselves, that you are leaving "real life" to serve a mission, shortly thereafter to return to "real" life. Your life will NEVER get more REAL than it is right now. There is nothing MORE REAL or IMPORTANT than saving a human soul. Marriage and families are of equal importance, but nothing will ever be MORE important than what you do right now."
Isn't that powerful!?? I am so darn excited to get to Germany! Time to let REAL life begin!
Pray for me the next few weeks- its going to be a lot to adjust to, but I know I can trust the Lord to get me where I need to be! Whether it is in a small cluster of villages in Southern Austria, or smack dab in Dowtown Vien (Vienna), I know I'm about to go labor in a very specific field! So wish me luck!
I love you all so much, and I'm sorry If I haven't been able to respond to all your letters! I'm pretty caught up... I think I only have 4 more to write, and I may just need to write them on the plane and send them from Germany! I heard rumor that they are going to give my mission extra email privlidges (1 hour and a half) because mailing is difficult from where I might be! So I may start emailing a lot of you! We'll see though!
Well my time is up! thanks so much! Love you all! Aufwiedersehn!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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