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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Week 11- Fall Outs and Lumber Jacks Inbox x

Grüßt Euch!!!
I am just quite astounded that it has already been another week! I guess time flies when youre having fun... and working your pants off!
Where to start... Well tuesday was a TON of walking. We went by on about 10 people that day, all over St. Pölten, and seriously no one was home it felt like. We talked with a bunch of people, but no real interest, until literally the last person we stopped by on  for the day- and we even got an appointment with him! We didnt want to be late, so we then proceeded to sprint home a mile and a half from his house... fun stuff in church clothes with a backpack full of Bücher Mormon!
Wednesday looked like it was going to be packed- we had five lessons planned in!! Our first appointment was a service project at a members house in a small dorf about 30 minutes from our city. Her husband (Herr Huschner, or Josef, a non member) came and picked us up and he is SO COOL. The ward has tried to work with him in the past, but he isnt all too interested, but he loves to have the missionaries come. Their home is beautiful- its a little log Austrian hut on a hillside, or mountainside rather. The people in the dorfs are seriously like modern pioneers. Its the craziest phenomenon. Outside of the city, all the houses are a minimum 100 years old. Just like classic what you would imagine when you think sound of music. They still boil water on a log stove to wash dishes! But at the same time in these cabin things they have internet, lights, and television. I cant even explain it. Herr Huschner put us to work, we hiked the hillside behind his house and with our axes, chopped down trees, split them, barked them, and then dug holes and drove them into the ground to make a fence thingy. It was SO MANLY and legit. We basically felt like real lumberjacks, on an Austrian mountain side. 
After that ALL our appointments but one fell out for the day. Turns out that was a theme for the week...
Thursday we had 3 lessons made out... all three fell through also.
Friday we had 3 lessons, and two fell through.
But Friday was still awesome because it was my first interview with Präsident Miles! Man he is such a cool guy! He speaks great german, but he has a loud and profound American accent that is almost comical. He gave me some really great advice of 4 ways I can be a better missionary.
1) Learn the language like a native
2) Understand the doctrine of the Atonement#
3)Become a creative Finder
4) Eat, Drink, and Sleep missionary work! Make it EVERYTHING!
Saturday morning we had three appointments, 2 of which fell through. We did finally meet with Amanda though, which was super important because she had been sick all week, and was having doubts again about the baptism. She took us out to lunch, and we finally found out that the major issue was that her family (husband and son) are really opposed to her being baptized, and she really wants their support before she does. Shes going through no question, just when now is the question. Its looking like the 1st of June now.
After that we went to Wien for a finding day with the Wien Elders. It was so fun to talk to the people on the streets of Wien! I had a sweet conversation with the most unlikely guy... he had dredlocks down to his ankles, but I approached him anyways and he was way interested in the Book of Mormon and wanted to visit the church! Plus another man on a park bench was so funny. His name is Michael. He was really closed off at first, but then he opened up and just kept talking! He didnt really want to meet with us, but he was way nice. I actually found out through him what happened in Boston... I was so sad to hear that things like that are happening...
Sunday we had PfalKonferenz in Wien as a stake (Pfal) and all the members in this half of the country got together for conference! It was great and we even had a 70 there who spoke with a translator! Kurt, our investigator, came and watched with us. Elder Janis had to leave and talk to a ward member for a few minutes and left me alone with Kurt, which a little nerve wracking at first because I cant always understand him... But it was great! we had a great talk and he really opened up about how he felt the spirit of the konferenz. We are pretty sure he´ll take a baptismal date this next week.
We got back to St. Pölten about 14:00, and we had a full day ahead of us! We didnt even have time for meals or studies, we had so many lessons and people to visit. But wouldnt you know it... 2 lessons fell out, and almost no one was home we wanted to visit. But 15:00 things werent looking too good. then the miracles started.
We got in with a referal name Baddik. His is from southern Russia and he is a muslim who was WAY open to discussing the gospel. He is a firm believer in Islam, but he is out of work right now, so he told us he will read the whole book of Mormon in 3 or 4 days and then get back to us! We are confident he will feel the spirit and we will be able to teach him way more! then, later that day, we recieved a call from a man named Albert. We had left a note on his door because he wanted a russian book of mormon, and he told us to come back right away. Him and his wife Mariette are SOO NICE. they fed us AMAZING russian food and we so friendly and open with us. Turns out they are from the some place Baddik is from- a small area of southern russia that has been in war and rebellion for many years now, so about 10 years ago they fled the country with nothing but their  kids and came to Austria, learned german and were just happy as can be. Mariette was more interested in the Book than he was, and she also insisted we come back and she will have read the book. SO COOL!
So, all in all, the week was difficult is some ways, with appointments dropping right and left, but it all wrapped up with some serious miracles, and with the transfer almost finished, we are looking at a seriously stellar next transfer! I am just so darn excited!
I love this work! Seeing the light come into peoples eyes is incredible when they suddenly find hope in a dark cold world.  the church is true!
I love you all and I will talk to you again next week! Thanks for the prayers and the letters! Im still working on my snail mail replies, but they are coming!
Elder B.
Adventure is out there!

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