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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Woche funfzehn! Zwei neue Elders?!

Grüßt euch!!!
Lieber Familie... Die Mission enthält so viele Überraschungen, wie die Gelegenheit 2 neue Elders zu bekommen!!
Biggest news of the week, we have been preparing the apartment for 2 new elders to arrive NEXT transfer... but monday night we recieved a call they could possibly come this week. Tuesday, during Zone training, we recieved the news they were coming WEDNESDAY. So we rushed to get all the last minute details (bsw. a new desk, moving the closets) and we picked them up at the Bahnhof wednesday at noon! Elder Horlacher (his parents both went to Orem high the same time as mom.... does that name sound familiar? played football?) from Louisiana, and Elder Mongia from Italy! Elder Horlacher is in his 8th transfer, and Elder Mongia was fasttracked through the MTC so its only his 3rd week as a missionary! Crazy! They are both stellar missionaries! Its crazy having four missionaries here... luckily we bought a little extra food (probably a prompting from the holy ghost) becasue the two new elders are hungry and have pretty much devoured all the food Elder Janis and I had. We tried to be polite about it and offer them whatever they wanted... and they defintely took us up on the offer! Today is Pfingsten, so everything is closed because everyone had a huge party last night, fireworks, etc. So we are dying to go shopping tomorrow morning! Wont that be nice!
 We met with Rade everyday this week, because he is very serious about giving up smoking. To prepare him for the baptism, we had some super spiritual lessons, and actually, one of the coolest moments ever, we collected all  the cigarrettes he had in his house and took them out to the dumpster togethers and threw them away!! It was so cool! He went from 40-50 a day, to quitting! The next day he admitted he had got one from a friend, but going all the way down to 1 is incredible progress! and the next day he hadnt smoked at all! unfortunatley, by friday, he was very upset about something, he wouldnt tell us what, but he was really agitated, and told us he wasnt ready, that he felt dirty, and he has something to take care of before we could go any farther. He told us he would still come to church sunday though... but when we went by sunday morning, he wouldnt answer the door. It was a little heart shattering... but sunday afternoon, by way of miracle, we ran into him while we were out tracting, on a little side street where he was getting cigarrettes from a little auto machine. When we talked to him he told us how sorry he was and how he wants us to come back and talk again, and help him. So still hope there!
Edeltraud... so we set the date on monday to be baptized on the 8th of June. She doesnt have any major problems, that we know of, other than she just keeps disappearing! We had two super spiritual lesson this week about repentance and forgiveness, because she does have alot of hard feelings against the people who abused her in her childhood, and she basically started teaching us! IT was going perfect, and she even promised to come to church... but then she disappeared. Not at church, so we left church to go find her, not home, phone turned off. AGAIN! frustrating.
Sunday, after the church, Elder Mongia and I got to go on a mini split so I could do some practice training with a greenie. That was an eye opener! I had to take someone who basically cant speak german (he can say hello, how are you, and thats about it) and go street contacting! I said a little prayer in my heart, and then we went out for about an hour! It was actually incredibly miraculous, because normally we get almost all "no time" and "dont talk to me" but almost everyone we approached spoke with us! I had some great conversations, and even met a guy named Wolfgang, who gave me all his contact info so we could get in touch when he comes to St Polten in 3 weeks! Fun experiences... im glad though I still have a senior companion for a while!
This week we taught 17 lessons... (for this mission, that is OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing. Probably will be my best week ever.) Unfortunatly, 0 of those had a member there. The member work is kinda flat here lately... just difficult to get members to come along. Perfect timing for Elder Horlacher to come in, because he is a member-missionary work pro! We talked alot about it together (as the 4 missionaries and our Ward mission leader) and our focus from here on out is member work, getting the flame burning! Pray for the member, becasue they are so great and aweseom, they just need the courage to let their light shine! We have such high hopes for this area and this mission, and I just know our baptismal dates will go through, if Edeltraud and Rade can make friends in the ward and feel like they belong!
Thats about all for this week! It just blew by so fast... everything goes fast here!
To anybody out there who might read this (which probably is not many) and is graduating high school soon... all you youngesters, congrats! Im not sure when high school is over but I know its soon! I thought about how its already been a year since I graduated.. crazy! time flies! dont waste anytime, seriously! It makes me old to think that all those people in the grades below me are graduating, getting mission calls, etc. what is with life?! too quick.
Also important note: I hope i havent missed any BIRTHDAYS out there... but if so, happy birthday! We have a pretty sweet German birthday song, its actually way funny. Ill sing it for you... someday. for now, if youve had a birthday you can just imagine it.
Well, Alles Liebe! Mach's gut! thanks for the prayers and the support!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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