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Monday, February 17, 2014

Woche 53- Feldkirch!

Sali zämmä!
Well, this week was the week! I passed the year mark! it really wasnt that exciting other than i read my journal entries from the MTC a year ago- weird!
I dont have that much time (what else is new!) because we are going to celebrate elder garretts birthday as a district! But ill just give the quick recap...
tuesday was a Zone Training- i feel like it went really well. Elder Garrett and i prepared really well, and it was super spiritual. After it was done, i hopped on a train and rode straight to Dornbirn, Austria for an exchange! It was AWESOME! I some on the most beautful pictures- ill send them next time. The exchange was amazing! We found 9 potential investigators together in 24 hours- it was so much fun! Thursday through saturday were a little bit slower- but saturday we played soccer with some members, and then "showered" and changed clothes in a bathroom on a train so we could get to a concert in Konstanz on time- it was Julia, our investigators, concert- AMAZING. Sunday was fun- Frederic made it to church again! Thats twice in a row- that is serious progress for him.
Just a quick status update on the investigators- Frederic answered all the baptismal interview questions correctly, and is seriously progressing! I am slightly surprised to say i really feel like he is going to make it!
Maria gave us a scare- she call us monday night and told us never to call her again. Two days later she called back and asked to meet to talk about her baptism. She admitted that her sister was pressuring her to stay at the catholic church, so she wanted to cancel her baptism. She still wants to meet, because she knows the church is true, and loves the spirit she feels. so thats just postponed for now...
thats really all! This week is Zone Konferenz- my first one as Zone leader! So well be traveling up to Freiburg again for that later this week...
Well, thats all folks!
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew
P.s. Happy Birthday this week to the greatest, sweetest, most amazing mother in the whole world! love you mom!

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