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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Week 1-Success!

Well, its Tuesday, and that means.... Vorbereiten Tag! (P Day) This last week has been insane to say the least... I only have half an hour, so I will try to type as much as I can, so sorry if my thoughts seemed scattered! Lets start with my companion... Elder Vitel. Hes from ROMANIA. He speaks English decently well, so communication isn't a problem, but our conversations consist mainly of "uh..." and "what?" and "how do you say...?"! He has very righteous desires... His family converted when he was four, and he is the first member of his family to ever serve a mission. Also, he didn't have the opportunity to attend the temple in Romania, so I actually get to be his escort through the Provo Temple later today! I am way excited! He is struggling with the language... so please keep him in his prayers, because he gets frustrated sometimes. Speaking of the language... did I mention our teacher ONLY SPEAKS IN GERMAN. All the time. I guess thats a good thing so I can pick up on the language sooner! I have a firm testimony of the Gift of Tongues... it can only be God's help that has taught me so much German in one week- I've learned at least 4 times as much in one week as I did in all of my Jr. High classes. My mind is all confused now, because I find myself constantly trying to translate into German, so if my english grammar is poor, I apologize. Im all mixed up! My district has 3 companionships of elders, and 2 sister couples. Elder Thomas (yes, its Andrew, from Timpanogos) and Elder Marshall, Elder Martin and Elder Pugh (my roommates), Sister Smith and Sister Holman, Sister Woods and Sister Clark. Our district is AMAZING! I feel the spirit so strong when we are together. Elder Pugh, Martin, and Marshall are all from England, So needless to say, I feel like an outsider in my room, because Im the only American! We started teaching the second day- and we've already taught our Untersucher Andreas (inverstigator) 3 lessons, 100% in German! Its a miracle. I thought I would hate sitting in class for 10 hours a day, but I LOVE it. I absolutely love the German language... Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he called me German speaking.  I love reading your letters. Oh yeah, it really is like Christmas morning every time you get a letter. So... feel free to send some! sends them for free, next day! So utilize that. I absolutely love the MTC, the spirit, and my mission so far! Other interesting points... Our room is a german room on a floor full of Spanish Elders, and my next door neighbors are Elder Brunst and Elder Crockett!!! It is a party!
My time is out so I love you all, and I can wait to hear from you all!

~Adventure is out there!!!
-Elder Bartholomew

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