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Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 19... Training?!

Greuzli mit einand'!!! (thats swiss german... for whats up?!)
Lieber Familie,
Once again, Im proud to say that I am still within the realms of the living. No idea how, but Ive learned not to question these sort of things! We just pray and trust God, and somehow everytime we come out on top!
So... last week I told you the news that I was going to be recieving my brand new greenie this week. I guess now Ill recap the events leading up to that, plus the adventures of our first few days togethers!
So Tuesday, we spent the first part of the day catching up the Area book with all of our potentials and such from the last transfer... it was kinda fun to look over all the people we had found! We HAD an appointment with Andrea, but she wasnt feeling well so that fell out, but we needed to go to the store anyways to print off photos for the Tschüß book! A Tschüß Book... Im not sure if they do this in all missions, but in our mission they are like mini blank yearbooks... and at the end of every companionship, you print off pictures of your adventures together, and decorate a few pages of the book in any creative way you want, then write down all of your inside jokes, cools memories, and just testimonies. They are really cool! I had no idea to how to do it really, so my entry in Elder Janis' book turned out to be really lame and plain, after I saw how cool he did mine. I guess Ill just need to up my game next time we trade comps!
Tuesday we finally had an appointment with Amanda at her house, with her husband! She made us lunch, as a kind of goodbye to Elder Janis... is was kinda a sad parting! She really means a lot to both of us, and it was hard to say goodbye for him, but They will see eachother in a year when he tours the mission with his parents.
Wednesday we had Zone Training in Wien all day (the first of three days all spent in Wien this week)- and we learned a ton about love,and seeing the potential in others before looking to judge! It was a great meeting, and it really got me pumped to get out and work!
That night, Elder Janis and I left the apartment for the last time together to go teach Kurt and Edeltraud. It was bittersweet, knowing it was our last time together, and knowing how excited he was to move on to the zone leader in Singen, and I was excited to get my greenie. The lessons went great though! Kurt, we watched 'Finding Faith in Christ' together, and the spirit was SO STRONG. Elder Janis bore his testimony one last time, and it was a little dissapointing to hear Kurt once again deny what he was feeling. We dont really know where to go with him. Edeltraud was a good lesson though... she bought Elder Janis a little gift and we all bore testimony one last time. That night Elder Janis had to stay up till midnight to pack.... I guess you need to do what you need to do! Some missionaries I heard were up till 3-4, so elder Janis got tons of sleep comparably!
Thursday was the big day. We left for Wien early in the morning, because the transfer train with all the Elder from our zone left at 8:20! There were some bitter sweet goodbyes, and then they were gone! My training was officially complete as Elder Janis handed over the keys to the area (literally and firguratively!) and hopped on the train! Crazy stuff.
I spent the day in Wien partnered with Elder Sponsellar in the Wien 5th ward area- We basically just did a bunch of finding, and taught German class. We found 3 really sweet potential investigators that day! Too bad I cant contact any, because they are all in Wien. darn. The train with all the new Elders was supposed to come in aroun 7, but the train was CANCELLED! So after about a 100 phone calls, we found what train they got transfered too, and they got in about 8:30. ELDER WOOLSEY! He is my Golden (Greenie)! My Son! He is from Snohomish WA, a little town 30 min north of Seatle! He is actually older than me, as far as age goes... but thats not a problem!
Friday was our first day together! We had to drive into Wien ONCE AGAIN, because we had a special meeting for all those who were training and being trained with Zone Leaders. We talked about how we can show love to our companions and how thats how we can make the biggest impact on our greenies, is by finding ways to serve them so they know we love them! That night we taught Edeltraud in the park, E. Woolseys first lesson! He didnt understand a word he said haha. He gave a good testimony on the end though. Br. Bauer was sick and called us for a blessing that night, but we had an appointment with Amanda, so the other elders ran out to him. Elder Woolsey was so drained by the end of that first night!
Saturday we didnt have any lessons lined up, so I took Elder Woolsey for his first contacting and dooring experience! I wish you could have seen the look on his face when I turned to him and told him he was going to talk to the next person we saw! He was so nervous! And the first lady we saw was Turkisch anyways so they REALLY didnt understand eachother! haha it was a great day.
Sunday, elder woolsey gave testimony in church. You could really feel his excitiment through his broken german. It was really good, and we went and met all the members after church too. And that afternoon we found three potentials! Great day.
Thats basically the sum of my experiences this week! Its hard to do pretty much all the talking and teaching sometimes... but its a good way to practice my german I suppose! I have high hopes for Elder Woolsey. He has a lot of potential, its just helping him see it and helping him believe he can reach it! We set some pretty high goals for this area, and we are really going to need to stretch ourselves to reach them, but I believe that with prayer and faith we can do it!
Thats about it for this week! Thanks for the prayers, Im going to need them. Elder Woolsey too. Pray for him.
Adventure is out there! Sometimes is comes up behind you unexpected and gives you a greenie for a companion, then the real fun starts, and the worries of being a leader kick in. Wish us luck!
Elder Bartholomew


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