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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Woche 17... Besuch von dem Präsidenten Miles!

Grüßt euch!
Wow, what a crazy week. Lots of ups and downs, but lots of progress too!
First of all, last monday we ran off quick to go visit Shön Brunn Palace in Wien... That was pretty neat I would say. The inside was totally weird... Really antique looking, but the faces of the paintings were actually pretty scary looking. and at one point, there was a queen who was obsessed with asian culture, so half the palace is all oriental looking! We couldnt take pictures inside, but I got some sweet ones of the grounds!
Tuesday... That was a little bit of a depressing day. After we came back from Wien from district meeting, we were supposed to meet Edeltraud in the church to discuss her baptismal plans. Everything was going just hunky dory, until we finally uncovered a little problem. Mother Mary. We thought she might pray to her... turns out she fully believes on her, and so it was difficult to try to explain that we dont believe on that in our church. She didnt take it well, and when the members started coming for ward council, she was talking very loud, and it didnt make a good impression on the members. all in all, the spirit left the room and we were all pretty upset. THEN, in ward council, or Ward mission leader tried to ask for some help, someone who could just talk with her and actually listen to her to help her, and he got totally shut down. The Branch President told him flat no, because he says members shouldnt be used like psychiatrists. Anyways, it turned into a huge argument, and our mission leader stormed out of ward council. Not a happy night. I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing, but Elder Janis talked me through it, and we were able to calm down by the end of the night.
Wednesday, the sun finally came out! It was the first time for a week and a half that it wasnt pouring rain! We met with Amanda in the park... just to hear her tell us she done with us, again. She had done the calculations and the tithing is just too high she says. We listened to her, and convinced her to come meet our Mission President on thursday. Then we ate lunch with Schwester Sindl- she cooks for us every wednesday SO MUCH FOOD. It seriously makes me want to explode every week. It is amazing food, but to be polite you need to clear your plate, and she just keeps PILEING it on. She is way nice though, so I dont mind.
Thursday was the big day. President Miles had called us and told us he was coming to St. Polten on thursdays to actually do missionary work with us!! He had chosen about 5-6 areas in the whole mission (out of about 68) to spend a day in a work! So we spent the morning getting ready for him, when we got a call from Bruder Bauer. He had a referall for us! We rushed over to the church, where we met him and his lady friend, Andrea. It was a little akward at first, but we talked with her, and she is really ready to turn her life around and find peace. So cool! that night, we taught Edeltraud, Amanda, and Br. Korherr in the church, all with President and sister Miles sitting and teaching with us! It was so cool! Amanda and Korherr went great and made progress, but Edeltraud... she said a lot of things, and President gave us the no-go on the baptism. he told us she needs more time to prepare- how true that is we discovered.
Friday we didnt have many appointments scheduled, so we had planned to go by on less actives and potentials all day in the pouring rain. Not too much success there, but my package from mom did come! That was exciting news! Thanks mom!
Saturday was crazy. We were planning on visiting a baptism in Wien with Edeltraud, and breaking the news to her that we had to postpone the baptism. She called us about 10 minutes before the train left in an emotional wreck, telling us she wasnt coming and needed to be alone. Then she sent us a stream of texts telling us that we were being held against our will, being forced not to have contact with our families, and then she said she doesnt need to be changed, and all this stuff. So..... we are giving her some time to calm down and we will try that again. BUT we did have another lesson with Andrea and Bruder Bauer and that is just going SO good!
Sunday I got to teach primary, because there are two kids who are 11 and not baptised, and so we were invited to teach them about baptism, and give them the lessons! So cool!
Well, that was pretty much my week! Lots of ups and downs, but overall good! If you are wondering about Rade... we havent had contact with him all week. He literally just dissapeared! But we are still trying there too!
I sure love you guys! The church is true!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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