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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Woche 21- Three Amigo Time

Grüß euch!!!!!
One more week past in the blink of an eye... its crazy, because in our planners, we snip the corner of each page at the end of the day, and I feel like Im just snipping corners all the time! We have just been so busy all day everyday, I dont know where all the time goes!
This letter may be a little short today, the other elders are done with their letters and want to go, so I need to hurry!
Status update... My training experience came to an early end. Elder W. left for home this last week on wednesday, so i got put into a trio with Elder Horlacher and Elder Mongia! Im not sure if I said anything about them before, but they are just stellar! Elder Horlacher is from Louisiana, and Elder Mongia is from Italy! We get along so well, and we are just working our tails off! It is so fun!
Luckily, a stormed rolled in last weekend, and its really cooled off here (for all those who were worried we would burn up!) and now its back to normal raining every couple days, and its only about 25° again, which is so nice. What a blessing that is!
Monday I had a strange experience... We visited a member in the hospital (Bruder Seitz he is 94) and while we sat and talked with him, he grabbed me and asked me, in dramatic fashion, if I could see the future. I told him no, and he said "well I can. Ive seen your future, and i know its only going to get hard. Learn patience now, or you will never survive" -It was seriously like straight out of the movies weird. No Idea what it means, but I just felt weird when I left the hospital!
Tuesday, we had to drop Edeltraud as an investigator... she was progressing well as an investigator (or so we thought) but in the church on sunday, she was fighting with the Sunday School teacher about her views about mother Mary, and so we talked with her about it, and discovered some other interesting opinions (like that she believes she was called as a prophetess, Jesus is already come back to earth and lives here in Austria) and we invited her to continue investigating, but told her she cant argue in the church anymore. It didnt turn out too well... she didnt take it well and stormed out. she sent us a couple angry text messages, but luckily that was all. After we were walking home that night, we were walking down an alley, and I looked through a crack in the fence into a courtyard and saw a man, drunk as can be, throwing a chair. I thought to myself, well that was interesting, but then I got the strongest impression RUN! So I grabbed Elder W. and took off! We look behind us just to see the man breaking through the fence, swearing at us angrily. Im glad we ran!
Wednesday is when Elder W. left, and we went to be a trio! Since then we have been super busy with appointment ands such, because we had to combine two area books into one, and two investigator pools into one! We had a HUGE planning session friday, where we literally made a plan for everyname we are working with (which was quite a few!) and we made sure no one fell through the cracks.
Sunday we had 4 investigators in the church! one was a guy who literally just asked us on the street if he could come to our church! His name is Erich, and we are meeting with him again tonight!
The biggest news of the week is that we set another baptismal date with Andrea Ladentauer! She was a member referall we have been working on for a while. Its been coming slowly, even though we have had several very spiritual expereince with her... we called her saturday night to invite her to church, and she asked us to come over that night because she was having a really hard time. We went immediately, and had a way spiritual moment. Sunday night we met again, and she is going to be baptized August 3rd!!! She is someone I am positive will go through. I hope Im still here to see!
Thats about it for this week! Im am loving the work, and loving the companionship! We have so much to do, and its just satisfying!
I love you all! Thanks for your prayers and support!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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