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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Woche 22-Can I have your number?

Grüß euch!!!!!
Lieber Familie, es ist eine schöne Sache, wieder die Gelegenheit zu haben, ein Email an euch zu schicken!
This week was possibly one of the fastest of my mission! With the three of us and all that we have to do, i dont even have time to think, usually! Just running from one place to the next (literally, sprinting as fast as we can, in our church clothes, because we are late and our appointments are back to back) But we survived!
Monday evening, we taught our new investigator Erich- he is way cool! He is originally Baptist, but didnt like the way the baptist church was set up, so he wanted to visit our church. He loves our services and wants to come to church every week! He is a sweet investigator! Unfortunately, he has some big financial problems,
Tuesday we had completely packed with lessons, so that was fun. 4 lessons back to back in the church, with a small break for ward council. It was very busy! Andrea is making tons of progress towards baptism, the only hold back is that she has a hard time concentrating long enough to read from the BoM, so we are working on that with her.
Wednesday, we were SPRINTING from appointment to appointment, but it was still a lot of fun. A cool miracle that day... Elder Mongia said a prayer in the morning, that we would be able to place some books of mormon. And throughout the day we each gave one out! The first was totally random, because got lost on our way to a member appointment, and ended up taking this little dirt path to a random building, and be figured we would try and door it. The first door was a girl who took the book and was really interested in reading it! After that, later in the day, we had a street conversation with a man outside of a pharmacy. He didnt have interest, but a guy walking past had stopped to listen, and actually asked us if he could have one, because he had cancer, and he was looking for a source of hope. Crazy cool story. and the third, we met with Erich again, and before he told us he couldnt read because his eyes were so bad, but he told us he really wanted to try and read and asked us for one. So that was one Book of Mormon for each of us! Thats the power of prayer right there!
Thursday, good old 4th of July. I hope you all had a happy Unabhängigkeits Tag! Der Tag unserer Befreiung! We didnt really have time to celebrate my favorite holiday, plus here in Austria, people have pretty negative feelings towards americans right now... something about a spy scandal? no clue really, I just hear little bits and peices of news through conversations on the street. But that day, we set the goal to find 7 potential investigators... it sounded like a ridiculous number, but in just ONE hour, we got 7 numbers on the street from some REALLY cool people! It was such a cool experience.
Friday we were in Wien for a finding day- and becuase we found so many the day before, we set the goal to find 15 this time! Elder Horlacher and I got put with elder Richman, a brand new missionary from Orem actually, and in 3 hours, we found 14 people! It was seriously miraculous! thats the power of pray and goals. 21 numbers in two days. That is some work right there! elder Horlacher has been teaching me some new methods of contacting people, and its helping me a ton. Its a huge blessing to be able to work with a Finder like him!
Sunday we were with members pretty much the WHOLE day, its was crazy. We had some fun meals, built some good relationships. Quite nice.
and there we have it! Suddenly its monday again, and I have no idea where all the time went!
People are progressing, and things are just moving along!
Just a quick shout out to those working cherry season- Im pretty sure night crew is out right now as Im writing this letter- Im praying for all of you and I hope all goes well!
thanks for all the support! Love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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