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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woche 25- Neue Golden--- nochmal!

 Hi Everyone,
I ran that first part through google translate, and this is what it said:

(hmm?  companion?)
Dear Family,
Say hello to you!
This last week was REALLY cool. I got a new employee

Lieber Familie,
Grüß euch!
Diese letzte woche war ECHT cool. Ich habe einen neuen Mitarbeiter bekommen!
Im going to have to write fast to kinda relay all the info from this last week because it was an exciting one!
Tuesday we had our last district meeting together- and we said goodbye to Sister Linford- shes been here since my first transfer and she is going home! It was so weird to talk to her the day before her mission was finished. She really didnt know what to say- it hadnt really hit her yet that she was done. She didnt seem like she wanted to go home. In district meeting, Sister Judd shared a though about obediance, and she had us imagine the preexistence, and think about why we chose to come to earth- what our personal reason might have been. It was such a strong spirit as she testified that we knew why we wanted to come, and we knew it would be WORTH it to be obediant, becaquse we could see the prize too.
Wednesday we woke up super early because we got invited to come offer some service on a farm in a little dorf called Böheim Kirchen- but we still wanted to work out before because we are crazy like that, so we got up EXTRA early to work out, then we caught a train at 6:30 to Böheim Kirchen to stack Hay rolls in a barn- its was super fun. It made me want to be on a farm someday! That day we had 4 lessons in a row, plus a dinner with a member for Elder Horlachers last day. Then we came home to do some last minute packing to get elder Horlacher ready to go to Stuttgart!
Thursday was the transfer day... we went to Wien early in the morning to say goodbye to E. Horlacher and the others. There were a couple who were going HOME- like they were done. It was emotional for them- its super weird to see these missionaries who are my friends and imagine that right now they are sitting at home in America. WEIRD!  Elder Mongia and I spent the day together, getting the apartment ready and baking cinamon rolls (ok I didnt actually do any of the baking, but I cleaned while he cooked) then we went back in the evening to pick up our new companions! Elder Mongia got Elder Herzog and I got...
My new Golden- he is from New Mexico, and he is super cool! He went to a year of BYU, but he lived in Heleman so I never actually met him. He is super excited to be here, and its nice because he never complains and he does pretty much everything I ask him too- dont worry im not abusing the power. Im still doing pretty much everything while hes getting used to life here, but when I feel like he can handle it I give him tasks and he does them gladly. ITs great. That night after we unpacked him for 20 minutes, we got out the door to go CONTACTING! It was super fun and I could tell he liked the experience even though we didnt even find any potentials. As long as hes happy I think were good.
Friday we had lunch with Sindl- she made a traditional Austria salad- Wurst Salat. Its pretty much 3/4 diced onions (Austrians love onions) and a little bit of meat slices- all in basalmic oil. Its interesting. Poor Elder Parkinson didnt understand any of her crazy Austrian German. He had a fun time though.
Saturday we had a meeting in Wien, and on the way we actually had someone come talk to us on the train! and he spoke english, so that was good for Elder Parkinson.
Sunday it was 39°... sheesh that is so hot. we are roasting like toasted cheese curds here. Someone just needs to send Europe a memo and say its time to get AC! We had an impromptu lunch with the hirschman family, and it was actually a miraculous experience! Elder Parkinson and I rode the bus to their house because they didnt have enough room in the car- and Br. Hirschman just went straight up to the bus driver and started bearing his testimony of the book of mormon! That dude is a missionary through and through- they he introduced us! at first the driver was super skeptical, but we he heard out testimonies, he got really quiet and serious- super strong spirit! At lunch, they invited all their neighbors over to play music and sing with us- and a couple came! We sang hymns from the hymn book together, and suddenly in the middle of it all, Br. Hirschmann announced that I was resonsible in the church for giving "sermons" to those who want to learn more about Christ, and that I sermon prepared for them (all the catholic neighbors)- luckily they had Jesus der Christus close by, and I pulled out a section I had read the day before and talked about the strenth christ gives us to perform miracles through us- its was super fun. one of the neighbors actually filmed me to watch me later! It was a funny experience.
Well thats this week! Thanks for the prayers- we really appreciate them! The work is going forward! The church is true!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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