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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woche 26- Hurricanes and Humidity- what more could you want?

Lieber Familie!
grüß euch!
One more week under the belt... and what do ya know, 6 months down! What is this?! Where did all the time go?? I believe tomorrow is the official 6 month mark since I entered the MTC! CRAZY.
Well, lets just get right down to business! starting with MONDAY... here... we... go!
Monday, after we wrote our letters we had a zone PDay in Wien and we all just bought junk food and played board games together at the Youth Center in Wien. It was actually SUPER fun to get to know the other Wien missionaries better! Afterwards we hurried back to St. Pölten asap to get to our lesson at 6 o'clock with Sister Dressler- a less active who is TOTALLY becoming more active since we started meeting with her! She is great! But we always meet out in her garden so we can keep the rules. Strangely enough, it was BLAZING hot ALL DAY, but suddenly when we started our lesson, despite the fact that the sun was shining, it started dumping rain! so we had to say a quick prayer and reschedule. but we had two more appointments that night, so we grabbed our umbrellas and set off to meet with Hassan Gezici, the man who has been preparing for baptism. on the way to his house however... the rain got a little worse that bad. Lets just say, it was literally worse than I have EVER seen before. we couldnt even see, and the wind started blowing too. Basically hurricane status if you asked me. but anyways, we just kept pushing through the park on the way to Hassan appartment. At first we were kinda screaming because it was just so insane, then we couldnt even see where we were walking, so we were feeling our way along the building to the door, and when we got in the doorway, dripping from head to toe, we just laughed our head off at how extreme that was! the lesson, unfortunatley took a turn for the worse. Hassan told us he likes what weve been teaching but it was just too hard to understand everthing, and that he and his son dont have desires anymore. So.. that was two of our baptismal dates gone unfortunately. But we just keep pressing on! Our last appointment of the evening fell through, so we went by on a potential investigator, turns out they gave us a fake address soo... we got super lost trying to find it, and ended up with 10 mintues to get home when we were probably 30 minutes atleast. SO we took off running through the streets! and we BOOKED it- and made it home just in time, and then just about died. Atleast i did- Elder Parkinson is a soccer player so hes used to long distance running (or should I say sprinting)! It was a miracle.
Tuesday we had distrikt meeting with the brand new distrikt- Sister Lewis (a sister in the Wien 1 ward) is ALSO from Orem- that makes three of us in the district. We are taking over Vienna! After the meeting we met with Wolfgang. I dont know if I told yall about Wolfgang, but he is our High potential investigator right now. I found him on an exchange back when I was fairly new, in my second transfer. I have kept contact with him since then, and we are finally teaching him! He has an AMAZING life story and is totally prepared. He was skeptical about meeting with us at first- but he said he knows that god led us to meet, because of all the contacts weve had the past months (aka me calling him every few weeks asking if we could meet- somehow he took that as a sign. works for me!) he has already read the first 11 chapters of nephi and knows its true! In the middle of our lesson, i shared 2 nephi 2 25 as a part of the first lesson- that we are supposed to be happy. When we opened to the page, he just stopped me and said he felt like we should read the whole chapter. So we actually read the whole chapter with him on the spot! He is a very deep thinker, and he said all his thoughts line up perfectly with what is described in 2 nephi 2! It was AMAZINGLY COOL. wow. super mind blowing spiritual moment.
Wednesday we did quite a bit of dooring- Elder Parkisons first experience! Wouldnt ya know it, the very first door he knocks- the lady opens the door and we have an amazing conversation. It must be his golden faith or something.
Thursday, we were invited by a member family to visit Mauthausend concentration camp memorial- the largest concentration camp in Austria. Is was a life changing experience- we spent the day touring the facilities- seeing the furnaces, the gas chambers, the baracks, the quarry. It was such a somber, thoughtful place. It gave me a lot to think about- its something you study all the time in school, but suddenly BEING there makes it all so real. That night after we got home, we went out to do some street contacting and we found a super cool guy named Sam! He is awesome adn we will start teaching him this week!
Friday we packed with service, a lunch with a member, and then another appointment with Sister Dressler! Plus we just did a bunch of weekly planning. It was a million degrees no worries. We sweated quite a bit.
Saturday was a finding day in Wien! Plus... it was also the day we started our mission fast- a fast that every companionship can have a baptism this transfer! We also did a special fast with Bruder Bauer for Andrea- our old investigator who got mixed up with some antimormon material. The finding day was way cool! It was super hot but we found some cool potentials for Wien.
Thats my week in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed reading! A lot of cool experiences... and a lot of opportunities to grow! Just pray for us to find more people to teach! We need it!
Thanks for the support and love!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew
P.s. Happy aniversary Scott and Julie! and happy birthday to Noah!

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