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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 29

Schöne Familie, wie gehts euch?!?!
Things here are just fantastic! I better get typing though, because I have
a lot to say, but Im paying by the minute here so Ill be fast!
Monday evening turning into ANOTHER hurricane- seriously. it was very wet.
But we wentout anyways to visit a fewpeople. No one was really outside, but
we went by Sam and actually got contact with him!HE said we could come back
this week! Then we went to Albert and HE was home! we were able to teach a
sweet lesson, and get a return appointment! We ended up walking home in the
pouring rain and Elder Parkinsons umbrella broke. Poor guy got soaked!
Tuesday morning, we left the apartment early to go pick up Elder Parkinsons
VISA... and it was early morning. like 7:30- I had never actually tried
street contacting so early in themorning before! I wasnt really feeling
like it, but I really feltlikeI couldnt just let the people walk by- so we
starting talking to people. turns out people are actually suprisingly happy
so early in the morning! We found 3 people in an hour that morning! we came
home to have studies, then we taught Wolfgang again that afternoon. We read
2 Nephi 2 again together- MY GOODNESS he is so insightful but teaching his
is so stressful. He is not afraid at anypoint to just say STOP, EXPLAIN. so
trying to explain 2 Nephi 2 the best I could in german... i think it was
acceptable, because he seemed satisfied with the answers. He had some big
questions we had to study for though- like how forordination works, and how
free agency played a roll in the pre earth life. seriously deep guy. He has
just always had these questions that other religions couldnt answer, but he
feels like we do have the answer. So pretty much every lesson I walk away
with a new list of questions to study for. Sometimes I wish I could just
call dad because I know he has all the answers! Its good though to study
and find them ourselves- its helped me learn alot. We had a PFK afterwards
all about missionary work and how the ward can help. We are making slow
progress, but the ward is finally getting a little excited!
Wednesday we gave out Books of Mormon in Turkisch, Albanian, and Romanian,
but none in German haha. we also met with several less actives! Its great
to see the less actives progressing to coming back to church! This area is
so great! after being 'dead' for so long, we are teaching people and less
actives are starting to come back!! Its awesome!
Thursday we did service for Schwester Sindl to finally earn our lunch with
her! It was actually really fun, she is probably one of my favorite sisters
in the ward. The afternoon was a little harder though... all three of our
appointments fell out. so we ended up walking all over the place and
nothing worked out. a little dissapointing, but we made it through!
Friday was awesome! Zone konferenz all day in Wien, we learned SO MUCH!
Saturday went AMAZING! We had a great planning session, and then 4
appointments back to back! It felt like the old days with Elder Janis! Plus
one of those was with Wolfgang, and Bruder Bauer came. He agreed also that
Wolfgang is legit! We are getting the support of the members!
Sunday after church we had a lunch with the Hirschmanns, and wolfgang
came!! He sat down and started reading the Joseph Smith teachings book
while we sang hymns as a family- he seemed to really enjoy it! Everything
is progressing so well with him! Its a miracle!!
I love you all! The church is true!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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