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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Woche 33- Answer to Prayers

Einen schönen guten Morgen!
Grüß euch!
Wie geht's euch?!
This week has been just wonderful. Like the title line says... an answer to
So lets begin with the report!
Monday- It DUMPED rain. all day. That pretty much counts for the whole
week. Lots and lots of rain. really cold rain.
anyways- when P Day ended, we went to door out a building where a potential
supposedly lived, but we could find the name on the Klingel (door bells)-
so we doored a little bit. No luck there, so we went by on Albert, hoping
that he had returned home by that time. When we got there, Amanda let us
in, to meet her friend Melanie who was visiting her! We walked in and
Amanda said- hey these guys are the mormons. Tell her about the church! So
we came in adn taught her the restoration. It was cool! She had a million
questions for us, and it ended with Amanda saying she was going to drag her
to church with her sometime! Super cool!
tuesday, we had districts meeting, then while we were in Wien, we went by
on Martina, the friend of Wolfgang. We brought the Wien sisters with us, so
we could "pass her off", since shes technically not in our area. It was an
AMAZING lesson- so powerful as we read the passages from the Book of Mormon
that bring comfort to our lives personally- super cool! that night needed
to clean the apartment because the Hunsakers, the senior couple in charge
of apartments, were driving through Austria doing inspections! And that
brings the first prayer-answer story!
Wednesday morning, we were expecting the Hunsakers anytime before 12. But
we got invited to go do service at sister Huschners house- and our train
left at 11. So if the hunsakers didnt come before 10:30, we were in
trouble! But we couldnt get a hold of them to tell them... so we just
prayed really hard that they would come sooner! And right after we prayed,
they called us back and said they would get there by 10. Miracle! Second
miracle... it was pouring rain. And we wanted to do service with Sister
Huschner, which would become impossible if the rain kept up. so we said
another prayer, and the rain stopped just in time for us to go work at her
house! Super cool and really fun too. Her house is so Austrian. and we had
a Brettl Jousan. That just means a slab of wood with all kinds of exotic
cheeses and breads and meats, that you just kinda put together in weird
combinations. its super Austrian. That evening we taught Wolfgang again,
and a lot of his concerns came up again... about Baptism, the Word of
Wisdom, Joseph Smith, ect. Just a bunch of nit picky questions he has. So
we left that lesson pretty nervous, becasue we had a long list of questions
to answer.
Thursday morning, we had some service with Bruder Seitz planned, but it was
pouring rain the night before. So once again, we prayed that the rain would
stop so we could go serve. and it was totally clear when we woke up! So we
were so excited! But then Bruder Seitz called us and said he was busy
anyways so it fell through. So it was a miracle for nothing haha. atleast
is was pretty outside. But then, later that day...
We finally set an appointment with Andreas Glaser, an old investigator of
mine, that we found again in Bahnhof. We prayed about it, and got the
strong feeling we just needed to committ him to baptism very boldly. So we
went to the lesson with that in mind- he was happy to see us- and
immediately expressed the same concerns with Joseph Smith and money that he
had before. We pretty much ignored those, and went straight to the
challenge. We challenged him to "prove god" i guess you could say. We said
that if he would meet with us 3 times a week, read in the Book of Mormon
every day, and pray as well, and also attend church- he would KNOW 100%
without a doubt by the 12th of October that he needs to be baptised. And he
accepted the challenge! Unfortunatley he wasnt in church on sunday, but we
are meeting with him tonight, and we'll see where he is at with the "deal".
Friday we did a lot of planning, ate lunch with Schwester Sindl (which by
the way was a FULL CHICKEN! She slapped a chicken on each of our plates.
and it was stuffed with the Knödel stuff- it was AMAZING, but kinda a lot
of food haha) then we taught Kurt in the evening. pretty average day.
Saturday rained a lot as well. The weather is getting colder... and Ive
definitely noticed it takes a negative effect of the people... just like
how I noticed people got happier when it got warm, its been getting sadder
as its gets colder... its not something im excited for. But we had an
appointment with Andreas, that he didnt show up too- so we ended up going
street contacting in the rain. not our best idea ever. but we found a lady
named Josefina- she was super old, and wanted to buy the Book of Mormon off
of us- we told her we couldnt take money and she was almost afraid to take
it for free! that night was SO COOL! Wolfgang came to his lesson with his
friend Martina, and told us something awesome...
He prayed about the Word of Wisdom (like we asked him too) and as he was
reading through the story in Alma about the Lamanites burying the swords,
he realized he needs to repent, and he gave up alcohol and coffee! SO COOL!
I almost cried i was so happy, and the spirit was so strong! He still has
some disagreements about the baptism, but he is living the other
commandments, coming to church, reading and LOVING the book of mormon-
things couldnt be better! AH so miraculous!
Sunday in the church was cool- but the evening was the coolest part! We
went by on a potential- and we prayed before we left that we could help
someone, and give a book of mormon away. WELL. while we were walking out of
the apartment building of our potential, a lady was coming in. Naturally,
we started a conversation with her- turns out shes totally lost hope and is
depressed. So we promised her that if she read the book of mormon, she
would find hope and peace. At the beginning of the conversation, she
totally didnt want to talk to us, but by the end, she took the book,
promised to read, and said we could come back in a week! Super! On the way
home, a man asked us if we could help push his car, becasue it was stalled.
So we ended up pushing this guys car up a hill as hes trying to catch the
engine- it didnt really work. BUT we talked with him as well, and he said
we could come visit him and his wife! Miracles, answers to prayers, could
life get better?
Probably not.
I love you all, that was my week! I gotta go now!
Thanks for the letters this last week as well, that was great!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for your blog posts! I have just been called to the Alpine Mission and it was great to read of some of the things going on there! This makes me even more excited to go!! :)