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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Woche 34- Did someone call the service crew?

Liebe Familie!!
Grüß euch!
One crazy announcement- this morning, whilst i was enjoying the fresh morning chill, twas a SNOWFLAKE that did gently caress my face as it drifted slowly earthward bound. WHAT?!? I remember last time it snowed here. it was march and it was freezing. Now it seems as if i have liveed through a spring, summer, and now we are back to fall/winter. oh snap.
This week was an excitingly fast one if i do say so. Let me tell yall a tale of how we managed to do 1000000000 service projects in one week!
So, last monday, in the evening, we waited at the church for Andreas (the one with the baptismal date) for the first of MANY falled out appointments. Lets just get that out of the way now, and say that MANY lessons with him fell out this week, which really hindered his progress. Anyways, Bruder Bauer came and picked us up and we went and visited a few elderly sisters in the ward. Funny story- one lady- Sister Bauer (not related to Bruder Bauer)- when we got there, she didnt answer her door, so i called her. As I talked to her, she told me "es geht nicht, ich bin schon ausgezogen!"- which translated means "it doesnt work, im moved out!" so i turn to bruder bauer in confusion and say "she doesnt live her anymore! she moved!". Bruder Bauer got REALLY confused because she is about 90 and blind, so he couldnt imagine that she had moved anywhere. Well, turns out i made a few translation errors. "ausgezogen" CAN mean moved out, but it ALSO means "changed into pajamas"- so silly me confused the two definitions. Bruder Bauer had a good laugh. Silly German double meanings.
Tuesday we had distrikt meeting, and then German class with Bruder Korherr again- i got an "F" on my homework for having 9 mistakes in my grammar (mostly punctuation). i surely forgot how much i hate being in school! That night though, we had an awesome ward council where we talked about missionary work, and Bruder Hirschmann had some way cool ideas that we are going to try out soon. We also recieved a huge box of Zwetschkin (plums)- and elder Herzog and i almost ate the whole box... they are quite effective, i must say.
That night we took some cookies to a less active sister who just had surgery- she is from Burkina Fasso- shes black and SUPER cool!
Wednesday morning Elder Herzog and i had an exchange so he was my companion for the day! We started off with our first service project of the week- with Bruder Seitz down in his garden. We had to hurry really fast, because we had a really busy day- or so we thought. The other two went to do ANOTHER project- we had 5 lessons planned... only 2 actually went through. BUT one that worked out was with Wolfgang! we taught him about the Tithing at the schildböcks home! It was PERFECT! They gave great testimony of the blessings they recieved from tithing, and he accepted it just fine. He is really big on stuff in the Bible, so when we showed him the bible verses, he told accepted it. super cool!
Thursday, we went back to Seitz to finish the service project we started the day before- moving wood piles from his garden to his house. There was quite a lot of wood. We spent the rest of the day doing planning (oh and another falled out appointment with Andreas :( )
Friday we did ANOTHER huge service project with Sister Brunnsteiner- we helped these guys build a balcony on the back of her house! We ended up having an awesome gospel discussion with them. super cool! In the evening we had Deustch again with Korherr- it was his birthday, so we sang for him. That night we taught Wolfgang again- we told him we had finished all the lessons, and invited him to be baptised again- he turned us down. it was a little dissappointing, but he wants to keep meeting for sure- he just hasnt got his answer yet.
Saturday was the missionwide cleaning day, so we had to stay inside all day and clean the apartment, and it definitely took the whole day. that place was gross. Cool story though- bruder bauer (who was with us at the lesson with wolfgang the day before) called and just asked how we were doing, because he knew we were a little sad about the lesson. I told we were ok- MAN he is like my best friend! I love that guy. im gonna miss him.
Church was way cool, and so was lunch with hirschmanns- nuff said i think.
Its getting really cold here! Things are awesome!
Im outa time. so i guess this is the end!
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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