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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Woche 35- General Konferenz in der schönsten Stadt dieser Welt!

Liebe Familie,
What an amazing weekend it has been! I hope you all received as much inspiration from conference as i did! It was truly an amazing to hear the words of the prophets DIRECTLY to us. I know that those men are inspired and that the words, when we let them, can burn our souls and inspire change. I love it!
A quick recap on my week, for lack of real time...
Tuesday, we had distrikt meeting, then, according to tradition, we went to get Schnitzel at Herbs! That was my 5th time eating that BEAST of a schnitzel... i cant believe it! that afternoon,we had Deutsch class with Korherr and afterwards we had ward council- it was a really great evening!
Wednesday morning, we rode the bikes to Unterradlberg again! those massive hills didnt seem quite so hard this time... :) Unfortunately the family wasnt home. BUT while we were standing under the porch roof, some creature landed on the roof and scared the jitters out of us- we were too afraid to see what it was, cause it sounded HUGE- then it jumped off and ran into the forest. Bigfoot?
That afternoon we started something that was our ward mission leaders idea- praying, and then going through the phone book, finding addresses, and going to visit them. aparently a lot of places around the mission are having great success with that kind of thing. So we prayed and found some names, but we didnt have time to go by on the them yet because we had some lessons in the evening with Wolfgang and Erich Scharner. Wolfgang got in a mini argument with Bruder Hirschmann during our lesson- i did my best to calm it down and bring the spirit back. After the lesson, i was afraid Wolfgang would be upset- but he said it didnt bother him at all. dodged a bullet there!
Thursday, Elder Mongia and i had an exchange! I just love that little italian guy. Its been way fun having him here the last 4 transfers... even if he does get really uptight sometimes, he is such a boss. We got asked to come help with a service project to a non-member family in desperate need. The frost and snow is coming really soon, and this family owns a grape vinyard, and they needed help harvesting! so we spent 5 hours or so harvesting these grapes. it was FREEEZING cold, but the people we worked with were so nice and very faithful people. I love spending time with them! Friday we had a mini miracle- we went into the city and found a guy named Jabagji- from Syria. He couldnt speak very good german at all, but he really wanted a book of mormon! that evening, we went to take Bruder Bauer a spiritual lesson- he put us in his car to drive us to his house- and took some detors to show us some beautiful castles that he grew up around. Way cool! Then we committed him to pray during conference that he could have a missionary experience. Im super excited to hear the outcome!
Saturday morning, we brought the arabic book of mormon to Jabagji, and he introduced us to his family, and was so excited that we set up a return appointment for next week right after we stepped in the door! Im so excited to go back with our arabic material and see how it can help him! We taught Wolfgang and Erich Scharner one more time, and then we left for Wien for the weekend, for GENERAL KONFERENZ!
General Konferenz was just amazing. I loved every second and it was over too fast!
My testimony was renewed 10 fold, and i know that this church is led by prophets!
Oh... im probably getting transfered this week. So DO NOT SEND ANY MAIL! if you were planning on sending paper letters... send them to the mission home! Ill tell you next week where i am going!
I love you!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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