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Monday, March 3, 2014

Woche 56- Baptism!

Sali Zämä!
Oh my wonderful family. thank you for your prayers in our behalf. I know they helped as part of this miracle!
FREDERIC GOT BAPTISED! Oh it was so amazing. that morning was way stressful though. We had planned with him to meet him at 10 at his house, and walk to church together. So we get there at 10- no one home. we call his phone. no answer. We are POUNDING on his door, trying to get in to see if he was sleeping- when some elders call us from our district. They had come for the baptism and were waiting at the church- they told us frederic was at the church waiting for us! Haha he had it mixed up. So it all went well. it was very well attended- Elder Garrett baptised him, and i was able to confirm him on sunday. Speaking of church- there was SO MANY people there! Between us and the sisters- we had 8 investigators in the church! plus many other visitors! The confirmtion was so sweet- and frederic just seems so happy. the ward really welcomed him with open arms, and he feels at home. AND THE COOLEST PART! His girlfriend used to be way against the church. But she came to the baptism, and to church the next day- and LOVED IT. she said shes coming next week too- and we are meeting with them both this week! Soon they will get married i think- then we are talking eternal family! Boom! Missionary work rocks!
Another huge miracle- Julia (the flute player) came to church! I have never seen her there- she always says shes too busy, but she came! And she told us she doesnt have time to meet this week, because she is doing girls night with a couple members. So i guess thats ok!
Maria is still progressing towards the 22nd as her date. But she didnt make it to church, or the baptism :(
Wolfgang got sick right before church started, so he didnt make it... but he REALLY wants to get baptised as soon as possible! We just need to explain to him that its takes a while!
those are the people we are working with very closely...
the week was crazy- ill be honest. I went to Munich to work with APs on exchange! It was way fun. I chased down this chinese boy in a park because i just felt like i had too- and he was SO interested in the book of mormon. hes moving to north germany this week- but he wanted many copies to take with him so he could give them to his friends! Maybe james will meet him when he gets there...!
Oh yeah- culturally speaking- this week was Fasching. Its also called Carnival- or basically German Mardi Gras. IT WAS SO INSANE. I have never lived through something so wild- except new years. This was just wild because it was like Halloween- so EVERYONE is dressed up like a freak- like the weirdest costumes ever. But the weirdest part- it wasnt just the young people. The 80-90 year old people were walking around in the weirdest costumes, with purple hair, and just... so strange. and WILD. Its basically a week long party where everyone is allowed to do whatever they want, and just get away with it. Crazy.
That was my week!
I love you guys!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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