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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Woche 57- When everything falls apart....

Liebe Familie!
Ok, i know that title was really depressing, but actually, this last week was actually great! We did honestly, lose contact with many/most of our investigators... but we had the chance to meet many new people!
We met many times with Frederic this last week- and we were able to give his girlfriend a portugese book of mormon (thats her mother language) and she isgoing to start reading it! Bad news is- he went on vacation for a couple weeks- so he didnt make it to church on sunday :( The ward was pretty sad not to see him, but he called to apologize and promised to be back in two weeks or so!
We did a lot of finding this last week... because we werent able to make any appointments, we just went out to do some good old fashion, dan jones missionary work! At it was miraculous! we found 25 potential investigators this last week! It was sweet!
We were also able to attend Mission Leadership Council this last week- we talked all about the area book- we talked about how god gives us all 2nd chances, so we need to pray over the area book, and contact those who need a 2nd chance at the gospel! We also talked about Virtue, and having the Holy Ghost in our lives- probably one of the most spiritual meetings of my mission!
Church this week was the biggest miracle of them all- we had 92 people there! I know that doesnt sound like a lot, but i have never attended a sacrament meeting in germany with that many people! I was trying to find a seat for me and our investigator Henry, but we couldnt even find two next to eachother, so we had to split up! I was so full! Full from members, less active families, and investigators- and just visitors! I almost cried as i looked around and felt that the lord was pouring his spirit out on this ward. Singen is a very special place :)
Plus- Julia came to church! 2 weeks in a row! OH MEINE GUTE she is so close, its unbelievable! Its just hard because she doesnt relate to anybody in the ward really, so she doesnt have many close friends.  But we are working on that.
I know i dont have much to report- it was a slower week honestly! But I am still content. I love missionary work! and I know the gospel is true :)
I love you!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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