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Sunday, March 23, 2014


Grüezi Wohl!
Liebe Familie-
What a week. Things are really climbing in an upward direction- thats for sure. The Lord has really blessed us over this last week! We have had a big focus on working in the area book recently- finding the previous investigators there in the book and contacting them- and that starts with cleaning the book out and organizing it! So we TORE IT UP on monday- seriously. we really cleaned that thing up and found some WAY cool people inside! Tuesday was the zone training meeting- where we trained the elders and sisters all about the area book- and we also learned about Virtue and the Spirit- such a powerful meeting! We had to RUN from that meeting to catch a train down to switzerland to meet with the stake president- those meetings are always fun.
Wednesday we did the first service project of spring! We helped our branch president clean up his yard and bring away some HUGE trees- they were so muddy and wet- we got REEAL muddy haha. In the evening, we visited Frederic again (he came home early from vacation ahaha)- he was pretty sad he couldnt make it to church last week.
Thursday was SUPPOSED to be a way sweet day- but it turned out to be pretty rough! I was on exchanges with Elder Mongia here in singen, and almost ALL of our appointments fell through- except for one right at the end ofthe day! Her name was Athena- she is from a distant part of china- there she was studying the bible secretly, and has lived here for 10 years now. she is REALLY sensitive for the spirit- and is so excited to read the book of mormon! so that was good.
Friday we taught Julia- she has SUCH DEEP QUESTIONS. we were going into some serious space doctrine with her- we try to keep it under control but she is such a deep thinker, and just is so curious! Then, we took a train out to this little tiny village called Anselfingen to meet one of our investigators- Donat. He is twenty, has a long ponytail down to his feet and wears no shoes. He believes in the best of all religions- well we ended up climbing this miny mountain to reach his meditation spot where we read together from the book of mormon! We read the vision of the tree of life (not sure why...) but he LOVED it. he got really excited about the restoration and is set on recieving an answer from God. way sincere- looks like the hike was worth it!
Saturday we took a train out early to a neat little city called Stockach and met a man named Markus. He walked into the church a few weeks ago and requested a Book of Mormon- so we went and taught him about the gospel of christ! He got so excited he just asked us right there when he could be baptised! we set up the date for the 3 of may :) hopefully im still in Singen!
Sunday IN church, we had SUCH a cool experience- we were able to do a musical number with Julia! Elder Garrett played violin, Julia played the flute, and i accompanied on the piano. We did an AMAZING arrangement of Joseph Smiths First Prayer- the spirit was SO STRONG. it really just filled the room. Not only was it an honor to play with a professional like Julia, but the spirit really was present and the members all were in tears. After Church, we went to the Trenchs home (or wardmission leader) and had this vegetarian lunch that was actually really really tasty! And TWO miracles happened! In themiddle of the meal- my phone started ringing- it was MARIA. she called us! She asked us to meet again next week! YAHOO! We knew she would come back when she was ready! So cool! THEN- as i was saying the closing prayer before we left, there was a knock on the door. and a man named Richard walked in. He is Benjis old friend from England, who has been gone for months in Thailand, but is interested in the church! He is possibly the funniest person i have ever met- i couldnt stop laughing everything he said was so funny- and hes comingto church next week! SWEET!
Ah life is so sweet. The gospel is sweet. We are simply so blessed.
Oh and we finally climbed Hohentwiel today! Thats why im writing late! Ill send the pictures next week!
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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