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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Woche 38- 789 stairs... or something like that.

Grüß euch!
I REALLY have no time. Im not even sure if i can finish this letter this week but i will try! so much has happened- i just want to describe everything, but its hard because im in Ulm on a district Pday, and we just climbed the tallest church in the world! About 789 steps I think. it was REALLY tall, and we were pretty tired. But it was so cool from the top to look out and see the Alps way off in the distance! But more importantly- last week!
Monday evening we visited the Zander family- they are a rock solid family! They have 2 children on mission and two teenagers who are rocks in the gospel. We did FHE with them, and then went to the church to have a massive missionary collaboration to plan our work finally. After that meeting, we were ready! The meeting got done around 8:45 so we figured we would go home just a few min. early- but Elder Dickson insisted that we go out and find for 5 minutes- and we found this awesome gangsta teenager named Musti! miracle!
Tuesday we had distrikt meeting in Ulm- and then that afternoon we taught a guy we found last week named Francesco- he is a young Italian who wanted a BOM. On the way home, an old man called us from across the street and was ECSTATIC to find out there were mormons in Göppingen! he was an investigator in Stuttgart- but lost contact with the church when he moved, and he was so excited to see us. we taught him a first lesson right there in the park- his name is Fritz! Truly miraculous.
Wednesday we did a lot of finding- but the funnest part of the day was visiting the Fingerle family- also a rock solid family. We had tradtional Schwäbisch food- Maultaschen with soup. they are like spinach ravioli- and they are DELICIOUS. so good. They have 4 little kids who LOVE the missionaries. Their daughter Belana has a massive crush on Elder Dickson. Its pretty funny. Thursday we taught Fritz again- showed him to the church. He talks SO MUCH- he pretty much told  us his whole life story. But the lesson went well and he was way excited for church on Sunday. That night we went to Geislingen (another large city in our area) and visited the Weilguni family! They are SUCH a nice family- also with 3 small kids. Their daughter Hanna is 14, and was giving me the flirty eyes- but i told her firmly she was far too young for those things. Her mom laughed her head off and told us all the young women in the ward were going crazy since we got 4 elders here haha. Friday we were planning most of the day- until we went in the evening to play soccer with the Young men. They want us to come often to ym because there are 3 17 year olds, and they want to get them on missions. Im so excited to get them on joint teaches! Oh- but before soccer, we met with Thomas (the guy from last week) and gave him a tour of our church- he was SUPER excited to find out we do family history, and wanted to talk to someone, because he has never actually met his father. crazy!
Saturday we did a distrikt "area book finding day" where we pretty much just finished separating the book- AH I just found out our time is up. Ill finish the story later.
I love you guys! The church is true!
Elder Bartholomew

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