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Monday, November 18, 2013

Woche 41- How i miss the Primary Program!

Grüß Euch!
What a busy week it has been! I will try to sum up everything quickly because there is a lot to cover, gel? Last Tuesday was a Zone Training meeting in Stuttgart- and boy was i inspired! We talked about our goal as a mission- 290 baptisms- and how we havent reached it yet, and that we needed to have a special fast to reach this goal! We talked about having the hope and faith to ask Heavenly Father to help us reach the goal- i just felt the spirit so strong testifing to us that if we dedicate ourselves, he will help us achieve his purposes. So pumped for these next few weeks cause I know hes going to be helping us!
that evening we met with a new Investigator of ours- Herr Fischer. He is a Jehovahs Witness who saw us dooring on his street and invited us because he was curious what was driving us young people to do such a thing, in another country. We gave him a Book of Mormon, and had a really intense discussion. He asked me a LOT of hard doctrinal questions, dealing with the old testament and such- i know the spirit helped me because somehow my answers seemed to satisfy him, and he said we could come back in 2 weeks. Cool!
Wednesday morning early we went to help the Rückauer family with some service- they have been renovating the house, and they knocked out a cinder block wall, and we needed to clean up the wreckage. We moved about 1,64 Tons of stone- it was pretty tiring. and the foundation of the wall was still there, because he could get it out. So they gave me a sledge hammer and asked me to try. I actually got about 3/4 of the wall out, when I broke the hammer- the wood snapped!- so i had to use a mini jack hammer to get the rest. ill send some pictures when i get more time because we were COVERED in white dust from head to foot- it was pretty funny looking, and i think my lungs might be permanently coated with brick, but oh well. That night, we went and helped of the young men in the ward with English homework, and then had a lesson with Fritz. the discussion was "Why does god let bad things happen?"- Elder Dickson and I had studied some scriptures and even pulled President Monsons conference talk where he talks about the man who couldnt see or hear, but was still grateful to god. Well, this lesson got interesting. Thomas, our other investigator shows up at the church, and sits in on the lesson, pretty random. So we are teaching BOTH of them, and when we read from the talk about the man still being grateful, although all the bad things happened, Thomas blurts out "Well, clearly hes lying. That guys life is awful!"- so the lesson just fell apart after that haha. Our poor joint teach is a kid preparing to go a mission in a couple weeks, so that must have been a fun thing for him! 
Thursday morning we rode a bus up to a pretty dorf called Rechberghausen- on the way we were talking to some people in the bus- long story short, we were trying to share the gospel, and i told a joke and we got the whole bus (literally, everyone) laughing there heads off. No one was interested, but atleast we brightened their day! we had lunch with Schwester Körner, and her grandson, a less active. When we made it back to Göppingen, we grabbed ANOTHER bus back Ohmden, to the Rückauer family, this time just for dinner. WOW. their house is GORGEOUS. its my dream home. It used to be a barn, but they renovated everything, and it is SO COOL now. the Rückauers live right next to their brother, both are active members, and they have 9 kids between the two families, all under 14. its a party of cousins! and to top off how cool these people are, Sister Rückauer was an Olympic Ice hockey player for Germany, and played in Salt Lake in 2002. So COOL! After that dinner, we had ward council. that was a nightmare. I dont even want to talk about that. 
Friday- we met with our american Investigator, James! He had read in the Book of Mormon, and loved it! We watched the Restoration video, and he said after " a little voice inside tells me that its true- wow" IT WAS SO COOL! So we talked about baptism- and he is seriously going to consider it, and we are going back on wednesday! woot! 
Saturday we were doing service in Heidenheim... again. they need alot of help over there! we painted walls, then we were joint teaches for the other elders investigator Queen- she is so ready for baptism is crazy! 
Sunday was the primary program! It made me miss our ward so much! The kids did such a good job though, and I loved it. 
Essentially, we were SUPER busy. But thats the way we like it! We are expecting miracles, and we hope that you will pray will us as well to see the things the lord has in store for us! 
P.s. Christmas is coming... im STOKED! The german christms markets look so cool!
Well, time is up! I love you all!
Special congrats to Kyle and Victoria getting married! I love you guys!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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