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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Woche 42- Überraschung! (Surprise)

Oh meine Gute! Grüß Euch!
Well, whos ready to be surprised! because i surely was! Im getting TRANSFERRED. again. Ive only been here in Göppingen for 6 weeks and Ive getting moved again. I guess thats what they do to the trouble missionaries. Ive be going down to Singen, Germany. Its a town on the border of Switzerland, on Lake Constanz. Elder Janis (my trainer) has been serving there for the last 6 months, and now Ill be taking his spot! Crazy stuff if you ask me. And it gets wilder! My new companion is... Elder Steven Chapman! From the Aspen Stake! I will be his last companion because he goes home in January! Ill be serving as the new Zone Leader there, so I will be pretty busy the next few months! Good thing thats just how I like it!
Now for the week at a glance! 
Tuesday we had Distrikt Meeting, like usual, and that afternoon we went to Eislingen (our favorite little dorf next to Göppingen) to go by on some less actives. We managed to talk to all three of them, but no one let us in. The last one talked to us on the door step for forever, so we ended up sprinting down the mountain to catch our bus (which then came 10 minutes late so we sat there panting on the bus stop haha). that evening we taught Fritz again all about how important attending church is. and he agreed to come finally! We had a young man named Piero there, he is 17 and wants to go on a mission, so its way fun to have him as a joint teach! 
Wednesday was a LONG day. We worked hard and we collapsed at the end of the day. 
1 day. 
2 Missionaries
5 cities. 
1 Alpine German Speaking Mission.
It was that epic. We litterally visited 5 cities. Göppingen, Kuchen, Süssen, Eislingen, Gruibingen. We talked to a lot of people, and visited a ton. and it actually was pretty successful! Its funny, on the train line, the cities go Gingen-> Süssen -> Kuchen -> Essen. those are the names of the cities, but if you were to read those words as a sentence, it would mean " We went to eat sweet cakes" silly germans. Gruibingen, the last stop of the day, turned out to be on top of a mountain in a little village covered in snow!!!! It was crazy! So we took tons of pictures haha. We werent just city hopping for fun, i promise. We actually visited a ton of potential investigators or less actives- no worries!
thursday we also visited so more less actives, and ended the day in Stuttgart for a stake priesthood meeting. that morning was the transfer call, so naturally that was the talk of the missionaries. The meeting was AWESOME! all about the joint effort of members and missionaries. I loved it!
Friday, a lot of things went wrong. We missed a bus, got on a wrong bus. Got back on a right bus, just to ride outside of town, to figure out we didnt even need to take a bus in the first place. Walked home in the rain. The moral of the story- even when things go wrong, you still have the choice to be happy. So it wasnt so bad. That evening we ate home made German Pancakes at the Fingerles- holy smokes those things were awesome!
Saturday we were in Heidenheim again doing a lot of service. We helped Bruder Djantar officially get ready to leave. When he said goodbye and drove away for Serbia, we all just stood there and cried. The Djantars arent getting divorced, but Bruder Djantar wanted to die in peace because he has given up with his health problems, and now after 23 years of marriage hes leaving. It was one of the saddest things ive even had to witness. It taught me a lesson though- Things like that depend on our free agency, and I will never let that happen to me in my life!
Sunday I had to say goodbye in the church- it just felt weird after only 6 weeks to say goodbye! But the kids were all really sad... which made me happy. is that messed up? I guess its just nice that someone will miss me haha. In the afternoon we taught Thomas, and we guilt tripped him for not reading the Book of Mormon yet- but hes going to try to get it done before I leave thursday.
And now its monday again! We are going to Stuttgart in about 20 minutes to have...
i miss america. thanksgiving doesnt exist here, so us americans are doing it as a zone. 
At this time of grateful reflection, I want to say im grateful for all of you who support us missionaries. Im grateful for the gospel of Christ, and for the effect it has had in changing my whole life. I love you all and Im grateful for my family and my savior. He is our King.
I love you all! Dont send mail to Göppingen!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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