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Monday, November 18, 2013

Woche 39- Its beginning to look alot like... freezing.

Grüß euch!
AH! still so little time, ill try to catch up where i left off last week...
REWIND! Saturday- the 26th!
After we did the Area book work, we got a text from THOMAS! we offered to help him do some work at his house, and he totally took us up on the offer! So we caught a bus right when we got home from Ulm, and rode to Schlat to work at his house. We were there for FOREVER. Thomas... very interesting guy. and he LOVES us. like seriously- best friends. He bought us cake, huge chocolate bars, and then, he rode back to Göppingen that night, and bought us CHICKEN! and the whole time he was talking about going to visit the bakery sometime, going bike riding, going to see some watches (hes obsessed with watches)- and we kinda had to burst his bubble- just a little bit- and remind him that we were missionaries and that we have a different purpose. I dont think it dissapointed him that bad.
Sunday though, thomas came to church! He wanted to talk to someone about geneology, but both the women in charge of that were sick. But he LOVED church, he loved that the little kids can run around, that a young women gave a talk, and he really felt peace he said. After church, he wanted to hang out with us again, but we really had other things to do, so we had to say no. man, ive never had an investigator who seriously wants to spend aLL THE TIME with us!
Now, to this week!
Monday we climbed that MONSTER of a church- pictures to come on another day!
Tuesday was our distrikt meetin- and then we were super late coming home from the meeting, but we managed. We went to see Francesco again, but he wasnt home. we wanted to leave a note, but we were out of cards! So we ran back to the church, ran BACK to francesco, and then on the way home- we met these two AWESOME guys- they are jehovas witness, but still way nice. that night, we taught a man named Imad Jud, he was taught by the sisters. There is a serious language barrier, but we had a pamphlet in arabic, and he read it, and he wants to be baptised! Hes going to need a lot of time, so we said April 6th, next year. But if hes ready sooner, we might change the day. yay!
Wednesday morning, we tried to get in contact with some less actives, and we met some really cool people- one guy was sweeping his porch, and we offered to help. we ended up talking for a really long time, and becuase of the testimony we gave, he took a book of mormon and promised to read! He was totally prepared! That evening, we taught Fritz, the old man we found last week, with a member. we watched the restoration video, and talked about finding answers. hes such a funny, stubborn old man. he reminds me so much of Kurt Haidvogel. Then we ate dinner at the Fingerles that night!
Thursday was AWESOME! On Saturday, we had pulled some names of old investigators from the area book, and we went by on the them all afternoon- Some really crazy things happened. First we talked to a lady on the street about family home evening (something ive never really done before!) and she wanted us to come teach her family how to do it! Then we went by a less active- who then claimed to have never heard of the church before, but wanted us to come teach her about it?? no clue. Then we took a train that night to Eislingen, a little town about 5 minutes away- HUGE miracle. a lady standing next to us in the standing space asked us which church we were from! So we talked and both got out in Eislingen, and she was really interested to hear more! Then we went through Eislingen to find an old investigator that the sister taught and lost contact with- James. hes an american. and we found him and he was super excited to invited us back! So it was a happy halloween all in all. Lots of little kids running around- its not as big as america, but it was still fun.
Friday we planned all day, then contacted a few more less actives. it was a national holiday, so the buses were messed up, and we missed one bus we had planned on, and ended up wih about 3 hours of extra time. so we doored a lot. But it wasnt so bad!
Saturday we went to help a sister in our ward move! She lives in Heidenheim (about an hour and a half train ride)- and we spent the day helping her move to her new apartment. In the evening, we planned to study... then we got a text from Thomas! He wanted to meet! Bruder Kindermann, a member, had just showed up at the apartment to help us with our broken oven, and he wanted to come too, so we all went to the church. We taught Thomas for OVER TWO HOURS! Bruder Kindermann- he is an allstar. the best joint teach ive ever had. He told his conversion story- its powerful. It was so cool! Thomas really like it too, and hes really interested to learn if its right for him.
Sunday was super fun in the church, but the best part was in the evening, we had dinner at the kindermanns- they are an allstar bunch! They are both converts that met through the church, and now they have 4 kids- they are AWESOME! Such a good night. I wish i could describe how cool these people are- basically i want to model my family after theirs somday!
Well, Göppingen is coming on! The work is true, the book is blue! I love being a missionary!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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