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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woche 46- Happy Birthday Joseph, Ron, and Christ :)

Hallo Familie!
Grüß euch!
Wow this week i finally have a bit more time- this was probably the LEAST craziest week so far here in Singen- and thats funny because its still been wild! and Ill just start tellin ya why-
Last week i was writing from Ravensburg- a BEAUTFUL city- built all inside a stone wall with towers and castles and old buildings all over. I didnt take any pictures- what was i think?! But I was there to lead an exchange with Elder George! We worked there until wednesday morning. They didnt have any lessons planned, so we had a chunk of time on our hands! We set the goal to find 8 people to teach- and we found 9!!! It was super miraculous- and really cold haha.
Wednesday Elder Chapman and I passed eachother and worked a few hours together in Singen before switching ONE MORE TIME- this was an exchange with the Assistants! I had to lead Elder Bailey around Singen. Pressure! While Elder Chapman was in the Munich, Elder Bailey and I tore it up in Singen- we found 7 people and set up 4 appointments! I learned so much from elder Bailey and his love of the gospel- He really uses the power of his calling to ask people the hard questions. One kid on the street told us he doesnt believe in God, he believes in money. So Elder Bailey turns to him and asks "What does money really bring you? thats what I thought- NOTHING" This kid was just speechless. It was like Nephi- you couldnt argue with his authority! So the kid agreed to meet and learn more about God. That is my new goal! I want to be able to preach with authority like that!
Friday through Sunday Elder Chapman and I were able work together again- and we were running ALL OVER the place. So many cities- not enough time. Something fun we were able to do though- The Gurneys (our senior couple here in Singen) recieved money from their friends and family back in the states, and we went shopping to do a sub-for-santa for a new convert family that is really struggling. When we wrapped all the gifts it really helped us feel the christmas spirit! Plus we took the time in the evening to bake some cookies and brownies (yes, elders can bake- elder chapman is actually pretty darn good!) and we delivered those to members as well. CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE! Can you believe that?? It snuck up on us so fast! I cant wait to skype with yall on wednesday- ooooh boy!
I hope we have all taken the time to think on the true meaning of christmas. I know I have, and we have had the chance to share that message with many many people. The symbolism of Christmas, is that Christ, our Savior came into the world, the perfect gift from our Heavenly Father to us, his children. We decorate our houses with lights and candles, while Christ was the new light and hope that came into the world. Truly all things point to Christ, and as we take the time to notice, we come closer to him. Truly there is something magical about this time of year- families come back together, people forgive eachother. in a world full of hate, we all TRY to feel love. That is the love and influence Christ has. His love changes hearts- it is that love that changes the world- if only for a short few weeks.
I love you all and can not wait for wednesday!
MERRY CHRISTMAS! and happy birthday dad!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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