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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woche 48- And the new companion is...

Frohes Neues! I hope you all had a good slip!
This week has just been a blast. once again, a lot of parties because New Years is HUGE in germany. It was fun though to be with the members. Elder Chapman is now preparing his enter his final moments as a missionary- its pretty sad to see him go. I can see that he truly loves the work of the Lord- and that inspires me so much! He is really working hard until the bitter end!
Just a little run down of our week...
Monday we went to Engen (a little town about 20 min away) and it is AWESOME! Its so pretty and classic old school German. In the evening, we taught a man named Heiko- he is the husband of a member. He is usually really held back and not interested. But we just posed the question if HE wanted to gain faith in Christ as our savior. and he thought about it and i think the Holy Ghost really touched him, and he wants to try. So we are going back tonight! Yahoo!
Tuesday we had a finding day- i working with elder Miller- hes in his first transfer, and hes been struggling with home sickness, so i worked with him to help him find ways to get focused on the work. I think it was really good for him. That evening we had a New Years Eve Party- It was at the church and it was pretty lame honestly. But we made the best out of it.. and the fireworks- WOW. It was like world war 2 all over again! The are essentially no laws in germany against fireworks of anykind, so it was all out chaos from about 12-1 am. It was WILD. i cannot overstate how many fireworks were exploding in all directions. i have never lived through something like it- it was like stadium of fire 5 feet away from your face!
Wednesday we were the Schäfer family all day- playing games and celebrating and such. Brother Schäfer has the coolest convert story ever, and he was basically a pioneer in Berlin was back in the post war days! Hes story was in an ensign once- look up Horst Schäfer- maybe it will come up.
Thursday and Friday we were in Munich for Leadership conference- we talked all about faith and dilligence and finding- plus i found out my new companion! its...
Elder Garrett! Hes from Provo, went to Timpview, and played soccer. Everyone says good things about him, so im pretty pumped!
Friday night, on the way home from Munich, we stopped in Radolfzell and taught Julia- she is just so cool! She makes slow progress, and has SO MANY questions about the gospel. But she believes the church is true. She is so cool, i think its just a hard social transition for her, so i think she wants to be sure and ready.
Saturday, the sisters and sister Gurney went to the temple in Bern, so we had Elder gurney with us for the day! We took him street contacting and contacting in Buses, it was so fun to see him talking with people and having a blast like he was young again!
The week was really good. Its fun to be in the new year, new goals, new focus. Im so excited for this next year! Watching Elder Chapman get ready to go pumps me up for the time I have left!
The church is true. We are truly brothers and sisters- every one of us! That knowledge helps me move on and find and rescue my siblings who are lost. I will be there for them!
I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and your support!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew
P.s. I caught up on previous investigators- Wolfgang is still investigating in St. Pölten. He is working on truly repenting before he comes to the baptism.
P.p.s. In Göppingen, the Lehr family (the miracle family Elder Dickson and I found) finally has time and will be meeting with the missionaries and the Kinderman family again this friday! Pray for them!

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