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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woche 47- Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Its funny... the way to say happy new year in german is: Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr- which directly translated means: Good slip into the new year! i dont really think it makes sense, but whatever!
This week was so fun. first off- THANKS THANKS THANKS for the christmas presents! That really made things special :) The holidays were so much fun! Skyping with you guys was the best part though :)
Monday last week we had a christmas party at the Gurneys house! That was our.. christmas kickoff!
tuesday (christmas eve!) we left early in the morning and delivered secret santa gifts to the new convert family in our ward, the Amubekes- i wish you could all see the look of Ivys face when she opened the door. she started jumping around like a 5 year old! I dont think theyve ever really had christmas, so it was really special. Afterwards, in the afternoon, we decorated the Gurneys tree (because in Germany, you have to wait till the 24!) and then we spent the evening at a members home in the middle of nowhere, on a little german farm. it felt SUPER traditional. we ate Rabbit, and sang old german songs with an accordian and a tuba. oh yeah! Then, we went to mid night mass at the Herz Jesu Katholisch Kirche. A really bizarre experience- but something worth seeing!
Christmas day we opened our presents at the Gurneys house (once again, thank you!) and then we went to Benjis house to have traditional, "English" christmas- right proper! The day after, we spent the WHOLE DAY with the Zimmerman family- those little kids never get tired of playing games. We ate some awesome roast duck, and played Just Dance and FIFA for many hours- we only get the exception to the rule one time a year, so we had to play! haha
then it was back to work! I did an exchange in Bad S├Ąckingen with Elder Mongia (fun to work with him again, in germany this time!) and we found some awesome people to teach, including a female evangelical priestess, and this guy named andreas with a sweet mullet.
Now things are starting to get back in the groove. I like it that way. The holidays are fun, but Im ready to get back in gear! Elder Chapman goes home in 10 days.... so we are trying not to get trunky haha. wish us luck!
remember to set good goals! The Gospel is all about change and progression- dont let the chance pass us by to set goals to become more like the Savior!
I love you all! Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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