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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woche 50- Its good to be a Missionary

Liebe Familie! Grüß euch! Servus! Greuzi Wohl! Hoi Zämmä!
Oh how good it is to be a missionary. I just want to say that.
I just want to share some highlights from the week- we had a good one!
Tuesday, during distrikt meeting, ANOTHER investigator just showed up at the church- Frederic Schmid. What is with our people just showing up to missionary meetings?! It was pretty cool. more to come on that story later-
After the meeting, we were supposed to meet with Maria- but she didnt show :( We were so dissapointed and sad, I burst out to Elder Garrett- "Elder. This is rough. Lets just go to switzerland to soothe our sorrows"- it was perfect, because we had a meeting in Winterthur, Switzerland that evening with the stake presidency! The meeting went great, and switzerland is just so unbelievably beautiful and nice. Riding in the bus makes you feel like you are in a first class restraunt!
Wednesday morning we ate lunch with Br. Baier, a member from Kazakstan. He told us his brother was back in town and wanted to meet with missionaries! Woot! After lunch, we were supposed to meet with maria for our rescheduled appt. Once again, she didnt show. This time, i shouted out "Elder. Im upset again. Lets go to Austria this time!"- So we did! We had to do a baptismal interview in a city called Feldkirch, Austria. Google it right now. It must be the worlds most amazing city, im not even joking. It was night time though when we got there, so i dont have any pictures. Just google it. The Kid getting interviewed was Elijah- he is 9 and SO COOL! I asked him how he feels the spirit- he pulled out his kids Book of Mormon, and pointed to the picture of Abinidi teaching Noah- glowing. He said "thats what I feel like when the missionaries teach me!" SO COOL! WE didnt get home from Austria till about midnight... oops. The trains we broked though! Not our fault!
Thursday morning we did an exchange with the APs- i stayed in Singen again. Man, we can learn so much from those guys! Pretty much all our appointments fell through, but it was still a great experience.
Friday we came back together, and taught Frederic- he told us he had gave up smoking, drinking, and was ready to find true happiness. Way cool! He likes to talk.... alot. so we gotta work on that. but he wants to be baptised on the 1st of march!
Saturday we taught Br. Baiers brother, Adolf- he is moving to frankfurt, but wants to meet with missionaries there! We finally taught maria, and also, we taught bright tht evening.
We were SO SURE we were going to have 5 investigators in the church on sunday- they had all committed, we had followed up. And the only person who came was someone we werent expecting. MAN! FRUSTRATING! But we still had a super spiritual experience. Sudays are always the best. We visited a family we met in the train a week ago- they dont speak a ton of german, but they can speak pretty good english. It was fun to try and communicate to them!
Basically its business as usual! I feel at piece knowing ive done all that lies within my power. Naturally, there are always ways to improve, but we really tried SO HARD this last week. I know the lord is blessing us!
I love you all. The gospel brings blessings, and the church is true. Thats the understanding we need to attain eternal life- the church is true, and when we follow what they teach us, the Father has promised us all that he has! What a beautiful promise.
I love you all so much! Ill say it again!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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