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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Woche 49- Engel singen in Singen!

Hoi Zämmä!
Oh liebe Familie- this week has been stellar! I hope its been equally good for yall.
Elder Chapman is HOME! Sending him off was an awful hard experience, but im glad that he can be back with his family now.
Last Tuesday was Zone Training- it was such a spiritual meeting! We were able to give testimony about the goals we set for the coming year, and when the elders who were going home (there were 3) gave there final testimony, it was such a spiritual experience. Right afterwards we we to a member that lives in a small villiage called Tengen- they have 2 awesome kids that are so much fun. We ate lasagna, and it was WAY too much!
Wednesday morning... wait for it... WE WENT TO THE BERN TEMPLE! They changed the rule in the mission, so those missionaries on the border are allowed to go (did i already tell you that?) The temple is actually located in Zollikofen next to Bern, and the Gurneys drove us down for Elder Chapmans last day! its was INCREDIBLE! its right in the middle of the alps. The session was in Italian actually, but we had headphones in German. It was so interesting to hear it in another language! such a wonderful experience! I hope to go back again soon!
After the temple, we had an eating appointment with the Zymla family. Long story short- we ate more than i have eaten in a LONG LONG time. I was so sick, that i called our appointment that evening (also an eating appointment) and begged them not to cook for us. They gladly agreed haha.
Thursday morning it was finished for Elder Chapman! Im so proud of him. He endured right till the very end. That morning was so quiet and sad. I really saw the saddness in his eyes to be done. It inspired me! We left to munich in the morning, and i picked up Elder Garrett!! He is SICK! We have really been tearing it up. Its been a busy last few days, so im going to share just one AWESOME miracle story,
We had a meeting on Saturday with the district leaders, and at the very end of the meeting, Maria (an old investigator of ours) walks into the church building! I step out of the meeting to greet her and ask her why she was there- we had no appointment. She said she just had the strongest feeling she had to be at the church at this day. So we ended the meeting and went to teach her straight away. We had our lesson right next to the baptismal font, and read 2 nephi 31 together. The spirit was so strong as she expressed her feelings about the church, and how she was ready to be baptised! She will be baptised on the 1st of February! Such a miracle! Its a lot to plan in 3 weeks, but its the miracle we have been praying for!
The gospel is true. I love it so much! The lord has his hand in ALL the workings on this earth. Its amazing and humbling to observe.
I love you all! Thanks for all your support!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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