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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woche 95- Happy Thanksgiving and First Advent

Liebe Familie! 

may i start off by saying HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! Im so eternally grateful for the love and support you have given me these past two years. I couldnt have gotten this far without you. and Im so grateful to our Heavenly Father that he has given me the chance to be here, and he provided for me through the hard times, and has blessed us in the good times. How grateful i am! 

This last week we got transfer calls... and as i move into the final and 16th transfer... we are all staying together! so looks like ill be passing to the other side from here in Lahr! im super excited for these next six weeks- we got a lot of big plans and its gonna be great! 

This last week was lots of fun. on monday we walked around the freiburg christmas market- and i found some AWESOME stuff. sorry i probably wont send any package home- youll just have to wait until jan and ill bring the presents then! 

Tuesday we FINALLY taught Brian. im not sure if i mentioned him before- he is the boyfriend of our pregnant less active member- i met him coincidentally in the middle of the woods my first week and we have been trying to meet up since! and we finally taught him! he is really stressed with the baby being born soon- but he is now a lot more open to the gospel i think.

wednesday we did exchanges with the other elders in offenburg- elder mohn and i went to meet with a less active member named Samuel. he came to church radomly one week, so i talked with him for a really long time and we became friends. we planned to meet him at a cafe or something- but he ended up driving us up a mountain so we could climb an observation tower together! really random, but i wasnt complaining! we got to hear his whole story and share a spiritual thought with him. ill send the pictures next week! 

thursday was our big finding day/thanksgiving party here in Lahr! dont worry, we still celebrated :D we all took an assignment- i was incharge of the mash potatoes- so i made a big pot of loaded potatoes- scotty b style! we did a finding day together as a district, and afterwards we ate a thanksgiving feast together! it pretty much destroyed all attempts to be healthy haha but it was so worth it! 

saturday we did service for a sister in the ward- we helped her with the grave of her son... needless to say, im not a gardner, and i was trying to prune a bush by the grave and i made one bad cut and it looked reaaaallly ugly... i felt so bad :( but she was nice about it luckily! it was REALLY cold on saturday- its FREEZING here now. its super humid, so its a really wet cold that just eats to your bones! 

sunday after church we taught our new investigator- Frau Metzger. we found her on finding day and she is really nice. she has had a really really really hard life, and most of the appointment we just talked about all her past problems, hopefully next time we can teach more about the gospel.

that was pretty much the week rundown. in other news- i got word from Heilbronn that Jan recieved the priesthood last week! woo!

well, i love you all. thanks for everything, 
im hanging in there ok! push to the finish!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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