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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Liebe Familie,

what do you know- the time has finally come! I guess its christmas time again! It doesnt really feel like it, cause the weather has been so warm here all the sudden! im pretty sure the grass has started growing again cause it looks way too green to be christmas! But i guess the season isnt about the snow, its about the spirit! 

Im excited to skype this thursday! Im not sure who will be there... but im sure it will be a gang load of fun! Christmas is a time you should spend with your family- a time to remember Christ. Being a missionary is the best of both worlds- we get to be full time servants of the Lord, AND skype our families! not to mention i just so happen to be in Germany- pretty much the birthplace of most western world christmas traditions! I think ive bought too many christmas presents for the family- im not sure how i will be able to get them all home... hopefully there is room in my suitcase! 

The weeks all seem to melt together these days... it all just flies before my eyes. im not sure why this is happening all the sudden- some times of my mission really seemed to drag along- but this is just flying! i guess its good that we are busy though! 

Ill share the two highlights of the week-

I was in Singen again for exchanges and it was so cool! thats where i was LAST christmas! We went to go visit the Amubeke family- i new convert family i worked a lot with- and Ivy was so excited to see me that she jumped up and down and PUNCHED me right in the face haha. oh gotta love the african people :) I love being in Singen- and being busy! it just felt like good old times.

Also, this week we went to Maria Schulze- a sister in our ward from Venezuela. she is SO funny and SO hyper although shes over 60! im pretty sure shes ADHD haha. but we took a bunch of food and I taught her how to cook Maultaschen! can you believe it? I taught someone how to cook! Ive actually learned TONS about cooking on my mission- especially german food. ill make some for yall when i get home too :) She loved the maultaschen though- it was our christmas present to her. afterwards we attempted to sing silent night in spanish with her- epic fail! but i really felt the spirit of christmas then. that was the best part. 

I also gave a talk on sunday! I spoke about finding time during christmas to "come to the stable" and think about christ. i told of an experience i had a few weeks ago here in the city... i was walking through the city center and we walked through the christmas market- it was PACKED! so many people and so much going on! then we walked through and turned a corner and to our surprise- about 30 meters from the huge party- was a nativity scene- life size! with real donkeys and everything! and there was NO ONE there. we were all alone. it made me contemplate the true meaning of christmas- is it the lights, the party, the gifts? of course not. Christmas is about coming to christ and accepting the gift HE has to offer. the gift God has given us! thats why i love the initiative video from the church. its so powerful!

Well family and friends- FROHE WEIHNACHTEN! my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

i love you!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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