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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woche 96- best week in Lahr yet!

Liebe Familie!

Happy 2nd Advent! im getting so excited as christmas approaches! i cant even stand it! everything here is just decorated so beautifully! the people here really LOVE the christmas season- they just DECK IT OUT. even the little towns are covered in lights- its amazing! 

this week was AWESOME. best week in Lahr yet. we are really finding our rythmn and getting work done! we had a lot of time to work with- so instead of a play by play ill just give the personal update this week-

people we are working with:

Vladimir Leikam- hes from uzbekistan- thats a russian speaking country. we have been working with him for a few weeks now and its been hard to get him to focus sometimes on what we are learning. But this week we had a break through- saturday morning we taught about prayer and he was really focused- and he commited to come to church- and he came on suday and really loved it! it was our first investigator in the church! he wants to come next sunday also! plus- he lives in the middle of the forest- so if you see pictures that look like they are in the middle of the forest, they are probably from his house.

Brian- he is the boyfriend of a pregnant less active member. we went to visit with him this week- he is really stressed with the baby being born, but he actually sat down to visit with us! and when we talked about baptism, he actually admitted it was something hes been thinking about for a while! he has a LONG way to go, but we are happy that hes taking the right steps! 

Frau Metzger- she is a woman we found on finding day- last week she just dominated the whole lesson talking about her problems and we werent able to teach much.... but this week we had a breakthrough and we were able to teach the whole restoration with her- and i think she really understood it. she wants to come to our ward christmas party on saturday-

oh random note about the chirstmas party- a member heard me singing in the church on sunday during a hymn and decided to tell everyone (im not sure why) that i have an amazing voice and signed me up against my will to sing two solos at the christmas party haha. so wish me luck cause i have to sing two songs in front of everyone now.

and the Puhlschmidts- this is an elderly couple- the wife is a less active member who has recently started coming back to church and the husband isnt a member. they live on the border of france- we visited them on saturday and they are SO COOL. i loved hearing their life story and just getting to know them. plus their house was built in the 1700 hundreds- that means its older than the USA! haha that puts it in perspective. 

well thats the main people we are working with now. this week we have a lot of christmas parties and stuff going on so it should be real fun!

im out of time! we are going to see Titisee today- a really cool tourist town in the black forest! should be fun! i might get lederhosen while im there!

i love you all!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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