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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woche 97- Christmas is coming...

Liebe Familie,

well, it seems as if Christmas is approaching rapidly and i didnt even realize it! Its shocking actually that its next week! this week we had several christmas celebrations- first off we went down to Zurich switzerland on tuesday for a christmas conference with the president! it was AMAZING. and he had a big surprise for us.... he got a hold of MEET THE MORMONS and let us watch it! he said its the only copy in all of europe and we got to see it! I really enjoyed the making of the film- how neat was that! super cool christmas present. plus he shared an awesome christmas message that just got me PUMPED for going out to talk to people about christmas- spreading that christmas cheer! The image that always comes to my mind is the nephew of Mr. Scrooge- when he bursts into the store to put a wreath on mean Scrooges door- thats some sort of role model for me, i dont know why. i just try to be like him and spread christmas joy with everyone- even the grumpy germans! 

We also had a ward christmas party on saturday- there wasnt a ton of people there- but the evening was pleasant anyways- i enjoyed it. I had to sing a song solo in front of the ward- my comp and i rearranged I heard the bells on christmas day- it sounded really good actually and the ward seemed to like it...

also we got to watch the first presidency devotional last night! also awesome!

As far as our investigators go:

Brian: the boyfriend of the pregnant less active- actually shes not so pregnant anymore, she gave birth this last week!! but we met with Brian earlier in the week- and had a really spiritual lesson with him. we talked with him about his future family, and we were able to bear testimony of the power of te gospel in our families- and with tears in his eyes he said thats what he wants and needs for his family. and he committed to baptism on the 7th of feb!! what a miracle! he has a long way to go- but we believe the gospel can work a change inside of him and bring his family back together!

Frau Metzger:
shes the woman we found on finding day- we met with her again. she really really likes to talk alot. Turns out shes clinically paranoid- thats why shes always afraid that people are watching her... but we shared a message about prayer and how that can help her overcome her problems- we hope we can continue working with her in the future.

Vladimir- hes so awesome. we met with him this last week to invite him to the christmas party and he came and really liked it! The members seem to like him too- so he came to church this sunday all on his own- we didnt even have to go pick him up! we think he is starting to understand everything better and we are going to talk with him about baptism this week! 

Those are the main people we are working with this week- this coming week before christmas we are planning on talking to everyone we can about the Christmas Initiative from the church! that video is just amazing to share with everyone! i hope you have all shared it with all your friends already! 

Well, thats about it for this last week. i love you all so much!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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