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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Woche 99- Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!

Liebe Familie,

woah- has it seriously been 99 weeks? thats a wake up call haha. i guess that makes lucky 100 next week! 

It was so great to hear all your voices on christmas- and it was so cool that scott and kyle skyped in! I wasnt expecting that so that was great! You all looked happy and healthy... i hope you all had a wonderful christmas- christmas here was just AWESOME! 

let me give you the basic run down of the week:
monday- we went to freiburg in the morning and did a district finding day in the city- trying to talk to as many people as possible about the "he is the gift" project- and we were giving out books of mormon wrapped as presents- so i guess books of mormon were the gifts also? and a group of us went caroling in front on the big cathedral... and we got photographed like CRAZY. we were standing on the fountain outside the big catherdral of freiburg, and i carolers must have looked cool at that angle by the church because people were taking pictures like crazy. we must have been the hottest pictures on instagram in freiburg that night #carolers #catholicchurch #weihnachten #freiburg
unfortunately i didnt get a picture myself.....

speaking of pictures, im sure all of you are frustrated that like every picture ive ever taken  is super blurry... im sorry. maybe its my camera- maybe im just not a photographer, maybe i just dont know how to use the settings haha. i try my hardest, it frustrates me as well. well just pretend it was all for effect!

so we played basketball for pday and spent the night and then tuesday we had a district christmas party! and the bignalls made real honey ham! yes! then that night we took some presents out to our investigators Vladmir and Mario (vlads neighbor who we started teaching. why are all our investigators out in the middle of the forest?)  it was super special to see them get excited- i dont think they have many friends or family around, so they were happy to get something for christmas- it felt good taking them something :)

Christmas eve: we spent the morning handing out the rest of the "he is the gift cards" then we went home and baked a bunch of brownies to take to members, and then we went out to the Frömling family for christmas eve dinner! so cool. they found a huge turkey for us because they know americans love turkey and it was great. normally, according to tradition- you are supposed to eat potatoe salad and sausage on christmas eve, then turkey on christmas day, then duck on christmas part 2- but that has a long story that i dont have time to tell! 

so we spent the night in offenburg so we could be together with the other elders to open presents and stuff- THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE AND THE NOTES. super nice of you guys- i love being able to read notes of encouragement and advice from everyone. I LOVE YOU ALL! then we went to a members house for the day and she had invited tons of non member friends also so we taught a huge lesson and they were all really curious about what these americans were doing away from home during christmas! they all said they would come to church sometime, and one lady even took a book of mormon. merry christmas missionaries! oh yeah then i talked to you guys :)

Christmas Part two- thats right, they celebrate the 26th as well because they love christmas :) we went with the Andrich family all day and ate roast duck (very traditional and delicious!) then we watch the movie Silent Night (in german of course!) have you guys seen that movie? thats filmed right here in my mission! ive been to some of those places before! then we walked the rhine river and fed swans- it was super fun! 

then it was saturday- we got invited to play soccer at a big sports arena and when we got there, it turns out we werent really invited. awkward. dont really wanna talk abuot it haha.

sunday mario came to church and like it! we also had 2 families randomly move into our ward! booya!

well my time is up. i love you all merry christmas happy new year!

adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew 

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