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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Woche 61- when sickness attacks...

Liebe Familie! 
First off- sickness is the worst thing ever. i have been extremely blessed on my mission to never really suffer from anything too terrible- ive never really had a companion that did either! But this last week- disaster struck. I may or may not have bronchitis. It started about last tuesday, and has gotten progressively worse each day. Its not terrible during the day- the worst effects are at night. I havent slept properly in days because i cough so much at night! That just leaves me tired, fatigued, and uneffective during the day. but we are trying our hardest to keep going! The mission nurse has ordered me to stay home... but there is so much to be done, we have to compromise a little bit. hopefully things start getting better soon!
This last week we said goodbyes to several missionaries going home- Elder Pope, my district leader, Sister Drury- one of the sister training leaders- and Elder Horlacher, my old companion :( It was hard to say goodbye, but i  guess all things have their seasons! We were then able to welcome a bunch of new missionaries into the zone! This transfer is only 5 weeks, so it already feels too short!
We havent had much contact with many of our investigators this week due to the sickness... but we were able to meet with Maria again! we met with her twice this week, and she told us that she wants to be baptised on the 3rd of may! And now that she has her own apartment, her sister cant hold her back anymore! Its a miracle! Maria was also able to come and enjoy conference and meet many members. I think she had a great time. She is still a little shy and quiet, so she ran off pretty quickly, but she is doing great! Thats the biggest news of the week i think!
Conference was SO AMAZING. So many home run talks. I am still spinning with so many spiritual smack downs from the apostles! I think the main message i pulled from conference was that the time is NOW to stand up for what is right, and become the person that we know we should be, and that god wants us to be. The time is NOW to choose a side- no more fence sitters, no more foot in the water, foot on the sand. The time is NOW to be a disciple of christ. So powerful. I know that these men are called of God to speak to us, and i am so grateful to have this privilege.
Im sorry its short but the week was kinda crazy and just... blah. But this week should be better! no doubts!
I love you all! Thanks for everything!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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