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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Woche 62- i think i ran out of clever tag lines.

guten morgen liebe geschwister!
Well, today elder Garrett and I are going to visit Rheinfall- the biggest waterfall in europe! Its about 20 minutes from our house with the train, so we figured we'd check it out! hopefully i can fit everything in with the time i have left!
monday i went to a doctor and got that all sorted out! I had bronchitis- so they gave me and antibiotic and something to help me sleep- and that was nice! Im pretty much better now, and i FINALLY slept through the whole night last night without getting up to cough! it was my first full night in 2 weeks. what a relief! tuesday we went down to Konstanz- we got re-districted, so now Konstanz is in our district and we meet there for district meeting. there are 4 elders there- 2 americans, a german and a french man! i spent the night down there for an exchange with our district leader Elder Sardoni! Kontanz really is a beautiful city! I felt bad though cause i coughed all night and kept the other elders up... oops. Wednesday elder garrett and i came back together... and all our plans fell through. we were walking out to the middle of nowhere trying to find a persons address, when me met a kid, pretty much in the middle of the forest. he was way nice and so curious why two americans were wandering through the forest telling people about jesus. so he took a book and said he'd call us! I guess God helps us get lost for a reason!
thursday morning we left again for Offenburg (about a 2 hour train ride through the black forest- it is one of the prettiest train rides... ever. it is so incredible.) to do an exchange there! This time I took Elder Durrant back to singen with me! we had some AWESOME appointments! we met with Maria again- she is doing well. then we took a train to a little village where we taught a man named Donat. he is about 20 years old, and it really open to learn about god. in our lesson about the gospel, he told us he believes he has finally found what he is looking for! He wants to start developing his faith by reading, praying and coming to church! He cant come for a couple weeks, but he is definitely progressing! in the evening we met with Athena- our investigator from China- we talked all about the Book of Mormon- she agreed to read but refuses to pray to know if its true :( she says if its really that important, god will just tell that it is true, she doesnt need to ask. way lame! But she is coming slowly. she already says our church is the very best. Friday morning we took a train WAY far out... to a tiny village possibly outside our area... its too small to see on a map, and so we dont know which side of the border it is on. But two ladies from our area book live there. we had to take 2 trains and 2 buses to get there haha but they were sisters and they were pretty open- their names are Masu and Heilady. we are going back in a couple of weeks to check up.When Elder Garrett came back from Offenburg, we were supposed to go to the Simon family again to do family home evening (they are the awesome referall family- Meli is from peru and martin in german) and when we showed up, they were too stressed at the moment, and they asked us to come the next day- that was ok for us.
saturday we were supposed to teach maria again- she was 1 1/2 hours late for her lesson. She has stressed me out so much since ive been here in singen haha. But she told us how grateful she was for the church and how excited she is to finally get baptized after waiting so long! We almost were going back to the Simon family, when she called and asked us to come on monday- but when she called she said: "i wanted to thank you for coming yesterday. When i saw you two coming up the hill, i was filled with a power and i couldnt even speak. i knew it was the holy ghost. even though we couldnt meet, i was grateful to see you, because it gave me the strength to overcome the stress" WOW. Elder Garrett and I were speechless after that. so we are exctited to go there tonight! It was good that we didnt leave saturday night, because right after marias lesson, a member family showed up from Ellwangen (elder Garretts previous ward) to visit Elder Garrett! they were on vacation in switzerland and black forest, and decided to stop and see our ward and tell Elder Garrett hello! and they came just at the right time! They were able to come to church the next day- Julia came too unexpectedly! It was so good to see her... Maria came to church... right as the meetings were over. we really need to work on being punctual!!
Well, that was my week in a nutshell and everyone we were able to work with this week. the time just keeps flying away from us- its crazy!
I hope all is weell back home. I am praying for you all!
I love you!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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