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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woche 67- Pranks... and stuff.

Gutele Morgele!
Wie gehts euch???
What a week- working with Elder Rozan tires me out. its been a blast. Im not sure if ive ever worked so hard on my mission! Ok thats probably a lie, we always work pretty hard. But Elder Rozan is seriously a beast, and we have been tearing it up!
This past monday we split our PDay for half on monday, half on tuesday (ill explain in a sec) so we went in the afternoon to visit Natalia and Kristina. Natalia is in the hospital for cancer, and we met her daughter Kristina in a train. they are from russia, but Kristina was born here so she is fluent in both, and natalia also speaks great german. When we went, their grandma was there also- so we actually taught all three of them! The lesson was very spiritual, and they are very interested. Sadly, Natalia is really not doing well- so i would even ask that you include her and her family in your prayers- Natalia Schäff is her full name. We have given her a blessing, but she is too weak to recieve any more visits right now, so all we can do is pray.
That evening, we got surprise invited to our branch presidents home to do family night- because the girl who came to church last week (charlotte) wanted to observe a normal mormon family for her school project- so we came and helped explain the church a little- it was awesome!
Tuesday we met with charlotte AGAIN very early in the morning to finish the interview about the church. Sadly, i think her interest was just for the project, but who knows, maybe she'll contact us again in the future for something! Then we went to Stuttgart for our District meeting. Our district includes Heilbronn (just us), Ludwigsburg (2 elders and 2 sisters) and Pforzheim (2 elders)- its an AWESOME district- and our DL is Elder Smith from Ludwigsburg. he is in his 5th transfer so hes still pretty young. The reason we split our Pday was because we were going to Stuttgart anyways for the meeting and we wanted to see the Porsche Museum! Its not open on mondays, so we got permission to go on tuesday. it was AWESOME! im not super huge into cars and motors (dont get me wrong. i love cars. but im not the guy who can just list off car facts ya know?) so that was really sweet.
Wednesday we visited a less active sister named Sister Adam- she is actually very close to coming  back to church! In the evening was the real story of the week...
We went to a small village about an hour away, to visit the Zander family. when we get to the city, we get a phone call, and they tell Elder Rozan that we are too early, and that we should kill some time before we stop by- so elder Rozan suggests that we go door to door in the mean time. Dooring is not my favorite activity, but i didnt want to waste the time, so we started. The 2nd door we knock is this couple. They seem moderately interested, and actually let us in. statistically speaking, the number of times i have just been let inside by someone when we were going door to door on my mission... 3. so this is like a huge miracle and im pumped and moderately flustered. we start trying to teach them, and they ask all sorts of questions. this goes on for about 30 minutes- when they start showing us around their house. They had us a "wedding book" from their wedding- and i look through it, i start seeing familiar faces from other members living in the stuttgart stake. then it hits me. This was the Zander family. as they say the realization dawn on my face the three of them start laughing their heads off. Elder Rozan had planned it with them and they got me really good. I was so shocked and embarrased that i didnt see it sooner. Suddenly i realized they had a picture of the temple hanging on the wall that i didnt noticed earlier, and several other things. maaaan... i got pranked. Thats the couple thats been sending you photos.
Im starting to run out of time, but the other best part of the week was sunday! Kristina and her grandma came to church and LOVED it! Plus this guy came from Boston for business and visited the church and he was so nice and friendly and hes going to take us out to dinner sometime this week. such a sweet place. I really love this branch so much. Missions are good.
I love you all! Have a great week!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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