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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woche 65- HEILBRONN! und Marias Taufe :)

Guten Morgen liebe Familie!
I guess we have two huge announcement from the week...
1) MARIA GOT BAPTISED! WOOO! It was so spiritual- we'll talk about that later
2) I got TRANSFERED! Im going to the lovely city of HEILBRONN! It is the farthest northern city of my mission, and is directly above Stuttgart. It is a small branch (what else is new!) but the chapel is awesome i hear. It will be the biggest city ive served in- with 110000 people! Super exciting- and the best part- my companion is Elder Rozan! He is black and from Spain, and he speaks russian! I have now had a Romanian, and Italian, and a spanish companion! pretty exciting stuff!
The week was pretty wild- it rained alot. But we had Elder Dyches from the Seventies come and visit us last week- it was sweet! We had an all day meeting down in zürich on wednesday- and he just spoke to all the swiss missionaries (we get added in with the swiss just cause we are so close) and then he spoke to all the leaders of the mission on thursday and friday in Munich. We had two elders spend the night tuesday night before the meeting, because it started so early, and we live only an hour away from Zürich- one of them was Elder Phillips! He replaced me in St. Pölten way back in the day- so we were able to talk about all the people from back then :) It made me so happy!
thursday, before the leadership meeting- we had a massive finding day in Munich by the Frühlings Fest! ever heard of Oktober Fest? well, its a HUGE festival in October in Munich, and its a MASSIVE fair ground in Munich called Theriesen Wiese- well that is about 3 minutes from the church house! and in the spring, they do the Frühlings Fest which is the same this, just bout half the size. so as everyone was coming and going from that, we did a big publicity thing, and opened the church for church tours! we got lots of people in Lederhosen and Dirndl coming through- because thats the traditional dress at festivals. Elder Garrett and I talked to some way cool people! Friday, when the seventy talked to us, he talked all about Agency and Responsibilty. My favorite quote from his talk: The Determined man finds a way- the other man finds an excuse. NO EXCUSES! It was so powerful- and thats the meeting where president Miles announced transfers- and i found out i was going to Heilbronn!
and then Saturday was the baptism!!!! It wasnt very well attended by members... but those who came really had a good experience. Maria asked me to baptise her, so i did- it was the first time ive ever baptised anyone! The water was REALLY low in the font for some reason- but luckily maria is very short, so it wasnt so bad. I was just 2/3 out of the water myself haha. On Sunday she recieved the Holy Ghost from Elder Garrett- the ward is really ready to recieve her- she will need tons of support to stay strong!
Saying goodbyes in the church was hard... real hard. But I know its not forever. I have LOVED my time here in Singen! We have been so busy, it has seemed to just FLY by. I wished i could have developed deeper relationships with the members, like i did in St. Pölten- i think i was just so busy with Zone Leader responsibilities that my mind wasnt always 100 on the area- im very excited to fully focus on the ward and the investigators in Heilbronn!
I uploaded all my photos- i hope you enjoy them!
I love you all, and I love the mission! It is SO worth it!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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