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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Woche 66- Heroes get remembered kid... but Legends never die.

Grüezi aus Heilbronn!!
I got here safe- no worries! Im just happy to be here- Heilbronn has already been so good to me :)
It was soo amazing to talk to you guys yesterday- you all look a little older (in a good way), a little wiser- i guess thats just what time does to you!!
This email is in the memory of those legends who never die: Elder Janis (my trainer), Elder Orchard (my really good friend the AP), Elder Robbins (also a great friend- his mom is in dads class), Elder Root (an awesome missionary- also trained in St. Pölten!) Elder Botcherby, Elder Gibbons (my Zone leader in stuttgart)... they all finished their missions last week. I cant even begin to imagine it! Those guys were my heros when i first got here- they were the legends that inspired me to work harder! Now people are starting to call me old guy... is that how life is supposed to work out?
Well this week has been one of emotional ups and downs for sure! Monday tuesday and wednesday  were full of emotional goodbyes- we did a final P-day at the Gurneys house- they cooked us a pot roast and potatoes- just like mom makes them. oh man it was so good! Then we taught Athena once again. Tuesday was my final Zone training meeting (atleast, one that i was in charge of haha) saying goodbyes to all those amazing missionaries was hard! And wednesday we did a final finding day in Konstanz- we ate chinese food at this resteraunt- biggest waste of money. we spent 4 euros for a glass of water! are you kidding me!  Then that evening i went to visit Frederic and Maria one last time (the new converts) and that was hard too! I was up pretty late wednesday packing... and then i got on a train first thing thursday mornign! Saying goodbye to singen was the hardest thing i have had to do on my mission so far. Saying goodbye in St. Pölten was hard too- but i had so much ahead of me that i was ready to tackle- then i wasnt in Göppingen long enough for a deep emotional connection- but i just really loved Singen! And when i said goodbye to the Gurneys- i cried and cried and cried. they are the most wonderful senior couple in this mission- probably in the whole world. I love them with all my heart- it was like saying goodbye to my own grandparents! atleast i will see them again! they live in Lehi!
But now its all HEILBRONN! Elder Rozan is a beast. His mom is Ukrainian, his father from Africa. He was born in Ukraine, moved to spain when he was 5, joined the church when he was 6 (or his family i mean) and that all equals: a huge black ukrainian spainard, who has a solid testimony, isnt afraid of anything, and speaks russian, spanish, english, german and french (random i know haha) IM SO PUMPED! we are really going to tear it up! we have already seen some awesome miracles- 3 people came to church! One is a girl who looked up and just came to church, the second was an old investigator who just decided to come to church randomly, and the 3 was a girl we met whose mother is currently in the hospital next to the church, and went right after the church to give her a blessing- now they are all investigating! We have simply worked really hard and we have already found and set appointments with tons of cool people- this week is going to be stellar! I wish i could tell you more names, but i havent really met most of the people we are teaching right now- so next week! stay tuned!
I really love it here. Missionary work rocks. the gospel is true!
Alles Gute!!
Elder Bartholomew

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