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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Woche 63- Frohe Ostern!

what a wonderful Weekend! Im not sure how many of you have seen the Video on "because of him"- it has gone viral in our ward because we have it in German and the members have been sending it to all their friends- it has been an amazing missionary tool for sure! I love the siplicity of the video- it really the emotions of easter time :) The german culture really has a Focus on easter- everything has been shut down for the whole Weekend because everyone is in the church! I guess thats nice :)
Im at a members house now for  PDay for easter- they had a friend over, so we were able to have a lovely easter message- and then we spent the day out on the sea- the town is called ├ťberlingen! its absolutely amazing in the spring time.
This week has been WILD! I was gone tuesday-wednesday in Konstanz on exchanges with Elder Riser (my old ZL) and then in Bad S├Ąckingen thursday-friday with Elder Mongia! So I wasnt really in Singen all week, but things are going well! Maria is progressing great! she was taught all the commandments, AND she came to church ON TIME! it was truly a miracle!
Cool miracle Story from last week! We were in the middle of Zurich on tuesday for the Meeting with the Stake President, and after the Meeting, we were at a subway Station waiting for the subway when we needed to buy subway tickets. we had 10 franks, but the machine wouldnt take bills! we didnt have any coins, so we tried  asking strangers if they would trade us for coins, but no one would give us anything! Then right before our subway came, the SISTERS in Zurich showed up randomly in our subway Station! In the whole City of zurich, they came into our Station, and they were able to get us tickets! miracle!
The most important News for the week though is that Maria is progressing towards the 3rd of may! lets Keep praying for her!!!
Im sorry its short but i dont have time and i cant reallly think of anything else to say!
I love you all so much! and i love the Gospel! Missions are the best!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew 

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