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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 88- Jan Kreißl

Guten Morgen Liebe Familie und Freunde!
its another cold rainy autumn day here in southern germany- but we dont mind because life is good! This past week was stellar!
First off- we went to Munich on thursday for zoneconference. we left before the sun was up and got home after the sun went down- but it was worth it! Funny thing is- ever heard of a thing called Oktoberfest? well for those who havent, it the biggest cultural festival in the world- more than 6 million people come and attend. and everyone wears lederhosen. its basically just a huge carnival- but the main attraction is beer- the germans love there beer. and it happens in Munich every October. WELL the whole thing goes down at a place called Theresienweise in munich- and that just so happens to be about 100 yards away from the church building where we had zone conference haha. luckily, the festival is already over- so there wasnt 6 million people there. but they are still cleaning up so it was still set up and i got to see it- pretty huge. i didnt take a picture- but im sure you can find pictures online.
i didnt mean to send. oops.
more important than octoberfest- the conference was amazing! The president did a really interesting doctrinal lesson on the gathering of isreal- he took us deeply through the whole biblical story of the twelve tribes, and explained to us the practice of "birth rights"- and basically what we were supposed to learn is that because the majority of us belong to Ephraim- we recieved a double portion of the inheritance as a part of our birthright- and we also recieved the DUTY to take care of our fathers kingdom- and all those who dont belong to ephraim, are entitled to the same blessings of the birthright and duties because of the baptism! thats what i understood atleast. it was really cool. Plus i saw elder garrett again! we sat together and caught up- i miss that guy for sure!
well, the best news of the week is that Jan is progressing great! we met with him on wednesday- we were there a long time with him- he is a great friend. he did bring up some concerns about the word of wisdom and chastity- but we taught him about it and settled it a little bit... but we promised him we would cover it at church! So- when we visited the Zanders on friday- we committed them to prepare with us and be joint teaches on sunday when we taught the word of wisdom and chastity again. plus we committed brother zander to call and invite Jan to church.
AND HE CAME! it was so awesome! he really loved it and had a great time and got to know all of the members. they really think hes a cool guy. and when we taught those principles again in the church, the spirit was so strong and he accepted them all whole heartedly. he has been praying three times a day and listening to the book of mormon on tape the whole last week too!
AND this next week we will be meeting on wednesday with him and the bishop to talk again about the tithing, and then we are all going together to the Zanders on saturday to make dinner together and make sure everything is good before the baptism!
Everything is coming together!
plus, Brother Zander was able to take the sacrament again this week- after 5 1/2 years he is back in good standing in the church! we think he will be called as the ward mission leader here pretty soon!
I love you all! thats all i got time for- but its the best of the best!
oh real fast- Ny, the vietnamese lady- decided to move back to vietnam this last week, and has already flown, so we wont be teaching her anymore. i dont know if there are missionaries in vietnam, but she wanted to meet with them when she got there, so we are trying to get her in contact with them!
thats all folks!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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