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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 89- week 7....

Liebe Familie!
I referenced this email as week 7 because we are in an EXTENDED transfer cycle! so normally the 6 weeks are up and i should already know whether i am getting transfered or not, but we are in the extended week! week 7! that has never happened! but now we will first find out on thursday what is happening with us. its a little nerve wracking waiting to find out what will happen with my last two transfers! Fingers crossed i get to work with Elder Hadfield! that would be the best way to go out! But i guess we will wait to find out.
This week has been an adventurous one for sure! monday we visited some old ruins in a village close to us... then we did family home evening with a cool young family- we are going hiking with them again today! fun stuff.
Tuesday to wednesday we did an exchange with the elders in Pforzheim- and Elder Bonnke came to work with me in Heilbronn! Hes a german- hes from up close to where James is serving right now! - it was the first time on my mission that ive worked together with a german missionary haha. We went and taught Br. Kästle- he is doing good. we played a lot of hymns together from the hymn book- he on guitar and i played the piano. he is doing well :)
Wednesday we were SUPPOSED to switch back with our other companions, BUT the trains had a strike!! so all the trains in southern germany just didnt go that day. so we were stuck together one more day! it wasnt too bad... we just went to teach Jan in the evening about Tithing. we met with the bishopric, and explained the tithing to him- at first he seemed hesistant, but after he thought long and hard he agreed to do it! that was the last thing we needed to teach! hes ready!
Plus in the middle of the lesson..... I GOT A TEXT. FROM NATTHA! we hadnt heard from her in weeks and she asked if she could come to church on sunday!! we were so excited to hear from her again! it really made my whole day!
Saturday we were with the Zanders again with Jan. The trains decided to stike AGAIN this time for the whole weekend! this hasnt happend my whole mission and now twice in one week! so the Zanders had to come pick us all up and drive us to there house. We made Spätzle mit Linsen- the most common of all Schwäbisch foods. it was really good and a blast to make! i cant wait to make it for you guys someday!
That night we taught him about the temple and geneology and stuff- it was cool because the Zanders are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed together, and so they were able to give awesome testimony. everything with Jan is just looking great!
Sunday Jan came to church in a full 3 piece fitted suit! he was looking classy! It was anounced in the church that he is getting baptised and all the members were excited. So people thought it was a little rushed, but they dont know how long we have worked with him! We planned out the whole baptism together- Br. Zander will baptise him and we will be the witnesses! Im so excited!
Everything is going great! Im really really loving this right now! I would be sad if i had to leave Heilbronn now, but it must be, it must be. I guess we will see!
I love you guys!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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