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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 93- black forest adventures

Schönen Guten Morgen Liebe Familie!

well, another week has flown by, and i guess its time to tell yall about it! Im writing from the beautiful city of Freiburg right now... we are doing a district Pday here- so we spent the night last night and after this we are going to climb an observation tower to see the city and the forest! should be pretty cool! 

Last tuesday we had interviews with President Kohler- he is such a cool guy. we had to drive down to Singen again (whoo!) and it was great to spend some time with him. He talked to me about setting goals so that i can stay on my top game and not fall apart these last two months! time to give it all i got! singen is so far away we didnt get home till pretty late...

Wednesday morning we went to visit a part-member family- we got to know the husband whos not a member. hes a really cool guy! he works as a bird trainer- and he was the champion of europe in some competitions with his birds. he told us straight up he didnt really have time for the church right now, but he seemed open for the future, so we will keep working with him. That night, we were invited by some investigators to visit their church with them (new apostolic church? is that a thing? thats the direct german-english translation) and it was areally interesting experience. really different from our church. but it gave me a feeling for what investigators feel like when they visit our church for the first time! the investigators were happy to see us and we set up an appointment for this week!

Thursday we did an exchange with Freiburg elders- i got to work with Elder Thompson- he was back in Göppingen when i was there so it was cool to work with him again. So, crazy story that would take 100 years to explain but ill tell it quick- we met the boyfriend of a less active member in the middle of the forest on a bustop and he invited us over. he called us almost everyday to confirm that we were still coming to the appointment- so elder thompson and i are on our way our there to the middle of nowhere (seriously, the middle of the forest. like, there is only like, 6 little houses) and it took us forever to get there, and right when we get there- he cancels. boo. so we ended up going and having dinner at our branch presidents house. it was pretty fun i guess. we saw some really pretty stuff out there in the forest- the black forest is just mind-blowingly pretty! 

Friday after we switched back we did a service project with some members and that was always fun...

saturday was the weirdest day ever. so i was on exchanges with Elder Samuelson (hes here in the ward with me, just the other comp) and we were up in Kehl- a city on the Rhine river, on the border of france. anways we get a call from Natalie Schulze- the less active, whose boy friend we wanted to visit a few days earlier. Natalie is 8 1/2 months pregnant, and had no one to help her carry her groceries home for her. So of course the missionaries come to the rescue- well. it was weird- she hadnt acutally gone shopping yet when we showed up (once again, in the middle of the forest where she lives) so we had to shop with him- and she is hormonal and pregnant and just a little adhd... so we were shopping for a long time. then we had to carry them into the forest for her- and when we got to her house we couldnt stay because there was no man there, so we walk back to the bus. and the bus doesnt come for an hour. and then it starts pouring rain. dang it. so we walk through the forest for about thirty minutes trying to find shelter... well it was just a huge adventure. and i just did a really bad job explaining that but i hope that story made sense. i was really afraid i was going to have to deliver that baby right there in the bus- she is looking like shes ready to burst.

Sunday at church was awesome! a less active just showed up and brought her husband who isnt a member- so of course we made out an appointment with them! yay!

things are really looking up!  keep praying for us!

I love you all and im out of time! till next week!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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