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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 94- Swiss Temple Time!

Liebe Familie...

to those who still read these.... congrats on gettin through 94 of my emails. I know it couldnt have been easy- Elder Howarth has informed me that i speak poor english, so im assuming my writing must be just as bad. Hopefully the stories dont get boring though! 

This week was really busy and crazy. Monday we walked up to a tower and got to look out on the city of Freiburg- its a beautiful and big city. i like the big city feel of it. in the evening, we took a bus to the middle of the forest to teach our new investigator- Vladimir! He comes from Usbekistan- which speaks russian, in case you were curious- i didnt know that before! but he also speaks good german now, so we didnt have to call down the gift of tongues to teach him in russian. It just a little difficult, because there was a bus to take us to the middle of the forest for a lesson at his house- but there were no buses back... so we had to walk for like an hour through the black forest to the nearest village to catch a bus there. but we still made it home on time! no worries! 

Tuesday we went to SINGEN again for a zone meeting. every time i go there im just filled with sentimentality- and the meeting was so good! it really pumped us up! but singen is so far away it took the whole day just to get there and back! 

Wednesday we did exchanges with Freiburg- i got to work with Elder Morey- he is really cool. we were chattin the whole day about work out and diet ideas.. oh yeah, im on a strict diet now. salads and oats and nature jogurts and stuff. i sent a picture of a salad i made. Ive actually been enjoying eating super healthy recently- no candy and no soda! its feels real good. plus- i found out, i make a mean garlic chicken salad :)

When we were able to switch back with freiburg... which did another exchange with offenburg elders! back to back exchanges! so i had to pack alot with me. I worked with Elder Samuelson- he is so young and full of energy- it reminds me of a younger me- not that im not full of energy- but now i just now HOW to use that energy effectively! 

Friday we met with our investigator Anja again- she is a typical german mom in her late 30s- she has the most potential now to pogress. She is really really open and wants to help her son also. our lesson went really well! she is excited to read the bom!

Well, sad story. Elder Howarth lost my coat this week in a train. i gave it to him to hold- and he left it in the train. soooo its lost. But he offered to help me buy a new one- so we did. no worries. i like this new coat better anyways. 

Oh yeah- surprise! we went to the TEMPLE on saturday! WOOT! i love the Bern Temple- its so beautiful there. I felt the spirit so strong- it was like charging the batteries after a long time... plus we saw the new video- AMAZING. first time i had seen it- and its even cooler cause it was in german  :) I think almost everything sounds cooler in german :D

Well, that was the basic run down of the week. hope you liked it. Just staying strong, working hard. what else can you do right?

I Love you all!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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