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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 92- Oh Jimmy....

Liebe Familie!!

Well the weeks are just flying! and we are loving things here in the black forest! I sent some pictures this week- hopefully you can find them! im not sure how all those photos were organized... but the new ones are in there somewhere! Black Forest is so pretty! There is a festival going on in Lahr right now- and there is a ferriswheel and stuff- so we rode it on PDay...

This week was crazy though! Tuesday I WENT ON EXCHANGES TO SINGEN!!!! AHHH it was one of the happiest moments of my mission! I got to go back and see the area and stay in the apartment... it was the weirdest feeling in the whole world.... its true what they say. you cant go home again! its was just so different but the same... it was a weird emotion.

thursday-sunday there was a huge train strike again so no trains were going. so we had to take a series of buses to get into the middle of the black forest for an appointment we had with a sister in the ward. but it was a miracle cause on the way back some random guy talked to me at a bus stop cause he thought he knew me- turns out hes the boyfriend of a member so i got his number and we are going to teach him next week! 

Saturday was a big service day... well first we went and played soccer with the ym of the ward because there are like, 9 ym inthe ward which is TONS for europe for such a small branch! then we did some cleaning up around the church which took pretty much the whole day.

Sunday was good to finally go to church and introduce ourselves and meet some members. there are some pretty cool people in this branch! i like the bishop alot- he is really realistic- but also very faithful and positive so its good to work with him. 

In the evening we finally had a lesson with an investigator! We had set up SO MANY throughout the week, but they all fell out for stupid reasons... some people are just so unreliable! But we fasted twice last week and prayed that we could find an investigator- we have been talking with seriously everyone we see... and we finally had a lesson! We called someone from the area book that elder Horlacher (my old companion) taught when he served here! his name is Jimmy! He is from Bulgaria and his family is awesome! we went there last night and they were so nice! they fed us tons of bulgarian food and we taught the whole famliy! and they all committed to come to church next week! success! It took a lot of work but we are getting things moving here! 

Its been an adventure trying to get things rolling, but we just keep on keeping on! the lord will bless us! Just keep praying for us that we can find people who want to hear the gospel! we are working our tails off! i love it!

well, thats about all i got for this week.

I love yall!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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