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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Woche 90- Jans baptism and OFFENBURG

WOW what a crazy week. and such little time to write about it!

Liebe Familie!

I think the zanders already slipped the big new- im getting transfered to Offenburg! my companion is elder howarth- we will be opening up the Lahr area (that is a city close to offenburg) so we will both be brand new. its similar to what i did in göppingen, so it will be a dandy adventure!

But this week was just great!
most important first... JAN GOT BAPTISED! the baptism was incredible. brother zander got to baptise him, and it was amazing. i wish i had time to write about it.

we said a lot of goobyes this week- it was really hard to tell everyone goodbye- but the lord blessed us for sure. I was able to visit EVERYONE i wanted to before i left. im leaving first thing in the morning tomorrow. i couldnt have dreamed up a more picture perfect ending to heilbronn. i truly love these special people. i sent pictures with them!

one interesting story- we visited brother kästle also to say goodbye and for some reason he was in a really bad mood, and when we started talking about the scriptures, he got so upset that he threw us out of his house! it was the worst goodbye ever! i literally cried as we walked away... but later he called an apologized and promised to write me and still meet with the elders- so nothing lost there! everything just happened perfectly!

well, my time is up! i will write you from Lahr next week and ill try to catch up what i didnt write this week!

i Love you!
adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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