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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 79- summer is slowly drifting away...

Liebe Familie,
i just thought i'd try starting with something poetic in the title... basically it just means that i have noticed a striking difference in the meteorlogical patterns and the suns position in the sky- signifying a move in to autumn. very interesting. but i dont mind- summer has been way too hot anyways haha i gladly welcome in the brisk autumn weather.
this week was AWESOME. Elder Robertson and I have TORN IT UP. Im really happy to be working here with him- this has got to be one of the hottest areas of the mission right now! We have been seeing tons of miracles. I just wanna write about the progress of some people we have been teaching:
Nattha: so shes the 22 girl from Thailand- she is SO COOl. one of the best investigators i have taught on my mission. she was in church last sunday, and we met with her this week- she brought a friend along to introduce him to us so he could here too! We asked her about how her reading in the book of mormon is going- she said its hard to understand- so she had downloaded and app in her phone that shows a little video about every chapter in the book of mormon, and she watches it as she reads! She is so cool! Plus, she told us that she had a dream this last week- in the dream, christ and the prophet came to her on a path. christ reached out his hand and called her by name and said "are you ready to follow me" so she took his hand and followed them! WOW. she is so spiritual. this is one of the coolest people ive taught so far. amazing. unfortunatley she had family over on sunday and couldnt come to church. but she is still doing great!
Desuja and Goby: these are two indien men that we are teaching- we speak english with them but they struggle to understnad sometimes. we are working on organizing a skype lesson of somekind so they can be taught in Hindi. But this week they called us and asked to meet- and we had an amazingly spiritual lesson and we both felt that they were truly begginning to understand the restoration. and they both committed to pray about it!
Jan: Jan is a 45 year old guy- he owns a used electronics shop. He is a genuinely interested guy who learns at a very slow rate. but he is so nice and really wants to learn. this week we taught him about the plan of salvation- we had to go through it a few times with pictures and we think hes grasping it. the lesson ended when he said "ok i get it. our goal is to end up in the sun." haha yes. our goal is to end up in the sun.
Brother Engler: we also visited a less active member named brother engler and he let us in. the room was small and filled with smoke and hairy dog. and he basically complained about the situation of the world for an hour and how it robbed him of his faith. poor guy is really depressed- but he does want us to bring him the book of mormon on CD- he feels like that is his hope to find hope!
Thats just a few of the people we are teaching that you can pray for. In the between times we are doing many many many things that i dont really have time to tell you about. basically we are just happily working and staying busy. its jsut great to be a missionary! 
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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