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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 82- and we press on!

Liebe Familie,
wie gehts?!
Well, my time is shortened this week unfortunately- so i will just give a short record of the most important updates of the week.
Nattha- SO i didnt mention her last week because she had actually mysteriously dissapeared and we werent sure what to do. BUT this is what happened: She was living with her boyfriend we discovered, so we taught her about chastity and committed her to live it- so she confronted her Boyfriend and he kicked her out! So she was kinda in an emotional wreck and moved back in with her parents. So thats why we didnt hear from her for a few days- but when we finally talked she said "I know what God needs me to do, and i need to do it!" wow she has so much faith  its amazing! But she went on a vacation to ease the emotional pain so when she gets back we can move on. so the baptism is postponed until further notice.
Br. Kästle- SO remember that less active we were visiting? the one who made all the lame excuses? So, we have still been meeting with him regularly, and this last week we showed up and something was completely different about him. He was just glowing. and he played us this song he had prepared on the keyboard- and then just announced he was coming to church. the spirit was so strong and he was crying and i was crying- and he just said it was time for him to come back and he was willing to leave the problems of the past behind him and move on. AND HE CAME! he was there and he participated and hes coming back! he gave me a little card at our lesson- it just said thank you on it. i will always keep that to remember. Such a huge miracle. Lost sheep return to the fold!
Not to mention- Sch. Adam, another less active we visit ALSO came to church this sunday!
So it was pretty cool! 
Thats all i have time for. But i love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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