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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 85- stake conference and the answer to prayers

Liebe Familie!
The weeks just keep flying faster and faster and faster..... does anyone else think that the clocks are running quicker these days?
and youll have to excuse this email. i am typing on what might be the worlds stuppidest keyboard- so just excuse all typing failures. i cant speak proper english these days anyways- so im sure it will all just blend together.
As far as the progress of those mention in last weeks email... we met with pashk and robert on tuesday evening- both have kinda hit a stand still- Pashk especially. we have worked so long with him, and we dont know how to help him make progress. he was supposed to come with us to stake conference in stuttgart- but called just before the meeting to cancel because he didnt feel like leaving his house that day. i talked with him for atleast 45 min. on the phone trying to convince him to come with us- but he wouldnt do it. how frustrating! the meeting would have been perfect for him- but oh well. you cant force anyone in this world to partake of the gospel.
we werent able to meet with Jan, or Cicek or Nayde this week... but we have appointments set up for this week!
And with Nattha- still have had contact, but at stake conference i was able to talk to the member  who refered her in the first place- and he promised to call her and encourage her to meet with us again. so we are hoping to find a time this next week to meet with her!
and Brigitte- her and brother tripple spontaneously decided to get married THIS WEEK. so on thursday we are doing the wedding! and we made the special guest list! we are super excited for them, because that means they are planning on going to the temple in a year! yahoooo!
other interesting appointments this week.....
We met with a man named Herbert Krausse this week- we meet with him every 2-3 weeks. He is the nicest guy ever and cooks amazing food for us- he is also very strongly catholic and loves the bible. but we have interesting lessons. and Br. Kissling always come with us, and he is a bible scholar as well, so the discussions are always really intense. the decided topic of this meeting was the New and Everlasting covenant and discussed in the bible and D&C- i studied so many references to essentially prove that the covenant had been broken after the time of christ which neccesitated a restoration of the covenant in the latter days. but as we know- logical proofs never work in missionary work- so it was great when the member bore a way powerful testimony... who knows, maybe we got some cogs  turning!
we also met with a lady this week, her name is Ny! she is from Vietnam- she is a referall from an investigator in switzerland, and  we gave her a book of mormon two weeks ago and committed her to read and pray. to be precise, we committed her to read Moroni 10, then to start from the beginning. When we met with her this week, she had actually done EXACTLY what we asked her to do- she had read moroni 10 many times, and had prayed many many times. and she said she had a special feeling in her heart when she prayed! WOW! she still understands very very little- but we are going to teach her the restoration this tuesday and see what happens!
I also did an exchange this last week in Pforzheim- thats a beautiful city in the blakc forest- we worked so hard- talked to at least 10000000000 people- and we found a lady whose husband past away a year ago, and she told us she is dying of a  broken heart because she doesnt know if shell see him again. when we told her there was a way she got all excited and those elders should be going by this week. missionary work is awesome.
well my time has run out.
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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