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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Woche 83- new Distict Leader!

Liebe Familie!
it is a lovely autumn morning here in Germany- i hope that the weather is treating you nice back home as well :) This has to be my favorite time of year- well, christmas is pretty great too... but for now well just say they are both my favorites. both are good. one is just a little more... favorite :) 
This week we got the next transfer call! Im staying in Heilbronn for a forth transfer- but ive been called as the new District Leader! That means ill be leading the district meetings every week, and ill need to do exchanges with all the elders in the district- thats 8 elders. plus the zoneleaders- so ill be moving around alot this transfer! it should be an adventure!
I cant believe im moving into my 14th transfer.... it seems like such a big number- but i still feel young and alive inside- not ready to die haha. i have a feeling that my last three transfers are going to be a BLAST!
As far as the activities and progresses of the last week...
tuesday morning, we were riding a bus to the church- when suddenly i spied PASHK walking on the side of the road- hes an old investigator that we lost contact with a couple weeks ago- so we jumped out of the bus and chased him down. Turns out he just lost his cell phone- we were able to meet with him and bring him to church on sunday. we watched the restoration film with him finally and he said afterwards- "I feel like electricity is flowing through my arms. That image will stay in my heart forever." WOW! We talked a little about baptism- if he can quit smoking we could have a baptism soon!
Plus, another interesting event of the week- we did a POWER-exchagne with Pforzheim this week- that means instead of one companionship working in one area and the other going to the other- the four of us just staying in Pforzheim and TORE IT UP! I literally feel like we talked to 10000000 people that day- but we came home victorious at the end and ate a mash potatoe feast!
Well, my time is running out quickly, but those are the most important updates!
I love you all!
Adventure is out there!
Elder Bartholomew

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